Cars needed

Hello guys i am new here i hope all of you are fine ,i am looking for used and old german and japanies cars spare parts engines and everything that is of german cars , i am on my way to create an export company and would like to export it to to asia so i am looking for reasonable prices thank you

Hello Sharif and welcome to the group.

Have you tried visiting your local breaker’s yards ?

There is also a Facebook group called… Stuff for sale Normandy.

Maybe Le Bon Coin, e bay or put a few wanted cards in your local supermarkets.

Good luck !

Hello Ann yeah I went to a few places thanks for welcoming me into the
group did not know if
my post is appropriate or not but I try to get information from anywhere
possible , as I have next to none contacts in France

This newspaper is widely read in France. If you open a free account then you can publish your wanted ad (up to 500 characters) free during 7 days on their website.

You might want to consider adding from what years you are intersted in, for example :-

Wanted - Spare parts and engines from German cars from 19XX to 19XX
Also looking for spare parts from Japanese cars from 19XX to 19XX.
Low budget so prices must be reasonable, thank you.

Why France? A much better marketplace for secondhand German cars is Germany.

Hi David
I put the link because Sharif is in the Normandy region and it was logical to start there and see what was available, then widen his search in France, after all he posted on a “French forum” :slight_smile:

I was answering him with reference to him having next to no contacts in France. From a business point o& view looking in Germany, even online, would make sense. He might of course be keen to buy cheap RHD cars to export.

Oops sorry David, one of my senior moments there :sob: Yes it does make more sense to search in Germany, maybe there is a lot of competition already there!

New car parts are so cheap that people very rarely visit breakers yards anymore.

Unless they have older cars Trevor, or maybe just like ‘tinkering around for a bargain’ , there are 3 that are within a 50 km drive from me and they all do a roaring trade!

I’m not sure I get this Sharif. Where are you based please ? from the way you say it, it is not France, as you have no contacts ???
On reading various internet pages on 2nd hand cars and parts they are a little more expensive in France than other countries.
You may be better off buying the cars in another country such as Germany or the UK, dismantling then ferrying the parts to France.