Carte de Sejour and post

Good morning
We have received our appointments for our cds. A week after the appointment we have to return to the UK to help my father who is 90 and not coping.
Due to quarantine rules we will be there at least 3 weeks.
If our cds arrives while we’re away it will presumably be sent back to the prefecture.
Should we ask the prefecture to keep our cards and send them in January or would we be better asking la Poste to hang on to them?
Thanks in anticipation

Why not ask to delay the appointment with Prefecture until you return to France.

I know this works, as have friends who did just that.

It was left to them to tell/email the Prefecture, once they were back in Franc e… and an appointment was not long in being offered… they were very pleased.

If you do this… you will be able to relax…

use the email address which is marked on the email you have just received…

best of luck… and good wishes to your Dad too…


Thank you.

Presumably you will have other post while you are away, and perhaps other recorded post? So why not set up a procuration . It’s easy and useful

That would be good. Thanks

Are the cards being sent by recorded delivery?

they require a signature…