Carte de Séjour (en tant que membre de famille européen)

  • I am a UK citizen and my wife has an EU passport.
  • I applied for a CdS (membre de famille européen) some 2 months ago so that we can stay at our 2nd home for more than 90 days.
    *But the prefectures have backlogs and I have not even received a basic acknowledgement of my application.
  • So if I receive nothing before my 90 days are up - what then? Can I just stay on?
  • Will this explanation (not really an ‘excuse’ after all) be accepted at Calais?
  • Merci d’avance - J

Hi Jazzyman… hmm… when did you apply and when did you arrive… ??
EDIT: you did go the route… saying YOU are NOT european… didn’t you…

Thanks for getting back.
I arrived with my wife (EU passport holder) on 27 April.
I explained in my application that I am a UK citizen and that my wife is a citizen of an EU country. I’m confident that the various conditions such as funds and insurance have been met.
According to the 90-day rule, I have to return to UK before end of July. But what if (as seems likely) that because of the backlog at the prefecture my application for a C de S (membre de famille européen) does not get processed before these 90 days are up?
Will the border guards at Calais accept this as a valid reason for overstaying?
Apparently all the prefectures are experiencing such a backlog and there are other applicants in this position.
Regards and many thanks - J

You might go to your Mairie.
Where Prefectures seem to be unobtainable/not answering, sometimes the Mairies can use their own contacts… send a message from the Maire etc… to get some action/answers.
I know this can work as my own Mairie has been most helpful (and successful) in similar situations.

Go and explain your worries to them… you’ve nothing to lose.
If you can get the official “receipt” for your Application… that will be enough to ease your worries.

@Jazzyman You might like to take a look at this thread, (in case you hadn’t seen it) which flushed out some of the related issues arising from applying for this type of CdS,

Thanks for your suggestion - I may well check with the Marie.

Thank you George 1 for drawing my attention to the previous thread with its various interesting points. I had not seen this.

Carte de séjour famille européenne - get straight on to your préfecture or the nearest mairie that deals with ID and badger them :wink: