Carte de Sejour LA ROCHELLE Prefecture only please!

(Elaine Marie Miles) #1

Good Afternoon
Just interested to know whether anyone has attended an interview for C de S application at LA ROCHELLE PREFECTURE recently ? we’ve finally got an appointment but are a little confused regarding the documentation needed & are anxious to make sure we don’t leave out anything essential ! Any help would be great ONLY for LA R please as all Prefectures are different so what happens at others is not much good . Many thanks .

(Meghann Robbe) #2

I keep trying to get ahold of our prefecture…been here 5 months and no response. Think we will have to make the drive to Lille. Not easy with a car that only legally seats 4…and there is 5 of us

(Jane Williamson) #3

You are right that the government list is being ignored in many Prefectures.
We stuck it out and waited for them to provide us with a copy of their list of required documents.
This was at Macon.
We then copied the list and cross referenced all the documents on their list .
Last Wednesday we were called in to sign an attestation and have our finger prints taken and were told that the lady was satisfied with our application.
We are now waiting to go again, the fourth time , to actually collect the cards.
We have found this to be an emotionally draining and stressful procedure, as we are being asked to have permission to continue living legally in our own home!
With a fair wind we might not need them at all.

(Meghann Robbe) #4

Was the process expensive?

(Timothy Cole) #5

We made two on-line RDV’s at the La Rochelle prefecture and both were cancelled a few days later, not going to bother trying again. Having been here 13+ years we can’t be kicked out so we’ll wait to see what we are required to do after March.

(stella wood) #6

Meghann… for a European… the Carte de Sejour is free… for a non-european… there is a charge and that is listed on the French Government website…

(Meghann Robbe) #7

I dont know why but i am having a hard time finding the info!

(David Martin) #8

(Jane Williamson) #9

You have to make photocopies of all the documents you are asked for.
You need four passport type photos.
You have to provide stamped addressed envelopes so that they can call you in again.
You have to attend the Prefecture for as many times as needed.
It is not expensive, just time consuming .
If you follow their list and cross reference all your documents to it, you should be fine.

(Meghann Robbe) #10

I just need the photos and i think if i read correctly it will cost €269. Im hoping that is the cost for me plus my 3 kids.
U all are truly amazing with helping me figure this out. Not easy when i dont know the french language. Thank u for ur help!!

(Chris Kite) #11

(Patrick O'brien) #12

If you are British, you are still an EU citizen , and as such are entitled (with your family) to a free Cde S. You have looked at the charges for non-EU citizens , which may well apply to Brits after next March ; which is why it is important to apply now.

(David Martin) #13

As Meghann comes from ‘Cali’ and talks about her neighborhood I guess she’s not British.

(Phillip Cox) #14

So I went to Aix en Provence s/Prefecture for my 9h00 convocation for my CdS. Left home early at 07h20 as I know the A51 into and around Aix is pretty bad especially on Monday mornings. Took 1h25m to complete the 20kms, park and present myself at the accueil at 08h45. Nice lady at the reception checked my convocation at gave me ticket - 002. So at 09h02 I was talking to a very nice lady. She checked my original passport and livret de famille against the copies I had supplied at my 1st visit 6 weeks ago. All very nice and friendly. She prepared, had signed by her boss I suppose, and handed me my official Recepisse, which is valid until march 11/05/2019. Full CdS will be ready to be picked up in about 4 weeks. Asked about applying for Citizenship she said to send my application and all docs to Marseille prefecture, and they would then transmit to Aix for follow up. She said I can use my Recipisse for that and don’t have to wait for the full CdS. Apparently Citizenship process takes about 1 year (maybe) and ceremony takes place in Aix. Voila, I was out at 09h20.
All good to go now and complete my Citizenship file.

(Mandy Davies) #15

Good news Phillip. You deserve some. I’m really pleased for you.

If you want to know more about citizenship then @Andrew_Hearne may be able to help. I know he is deep into the process.

Take care xx

(Lee Boughton Taylor) #16

Are you writing about the La Rochelle Préfecture? Not at all the same as required at Angoulême which is, presumably, why Ellie is asking only about La Rochelle.

(Jane Williamson) #17

I was giving general advice as what to expect and a good way to present your documents.
I am quite aware that La Rochelle could be quite different from other Prefectures, which is why I suggested that she gets a list from them and then cross references it so everything is quite plain to see.

(Lee Boughton Taylor) #18

Understood. However, the documents we needed to produce at Angoulême differed from the list of documents we had been asked to produce! All part of living in France’s rich tapestry!

(David Hislop) #19

We got ours from La Rochelle earlier this year.
My circumstances:
Been in France since August 2015
Local Govt pension from U.K. but also working in France as AE
So documents I provided were as follows:
Copy of passport
Three passport photos
Proof of house purchase
EDF attestation and Factures
Orange Factures
Water Factures
Tax Foncière Factures
For U.K. pension -P60s - self-translated
For AE proof - Siret Registration
RSI/RAM documents
Work Assurance
Work accounts extracts
Bank statements
Carte Vitale plus Mutuelle attestations
Birth and marriage certificates(translated too but already had this done)
Much of of this as far as I could make out wasn’t required but could be deemed to be relevant so included it
Finally stamped addressed envelope.

Duplicated this for my wife who we applied for as a non-actif
Also took all originals in a file which weren’t asked for apart from passport.
Had separate RDVs mine February, wife’s in May
No problems at RDVs and waited 4 months and 3 months respectively
Had to go to La Rochelle to collect CDS
We had a 90min drive each way, each time, so 4 journeys necessary in all.

Your circumstances may be different but this is what we provided and if necessary use it to work from

Bon courage

(Stephanie Sheldon) #20

We have recently had our interviews at la Rochelle. The most worrying thing is that you can never tell just what you will be asked to provide. My husband was asked for tax forms but I was not. Advice I would give is to take everything you can think of to prove your permanent domicile and photocopy everything. Having said that, the lady who dealt with us looked a bit serious but I think she was just concentrating as she was very helpful. I’m very glad we persevered with making an appointment and didn’t just leave it to chance.