Carte de sejour . Long processing time

I applied for my CDS EU in May 2019. I was at the prefecture to submit all the requested paperwork.
I received a letter about six weeks ago from my Prefecture asking me to submit a stamp of 50 Euro. I bought the stamp and handed it over to my case worker. I am still waiting to receive the card. I emailed to know the status of the application but no reply. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

There’s already a lot of discussion about this here:

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re you sure that is what you applied for?
If you are an EU citizen there is no fee for a CdS. The only fee of 50€ I can find is for a student visa.

I would have thought that this was the document you have applied for

except that it says the cost is 250€ not 50€.
So as Graham says it’s not clear which specific titre you are getting?

But in any case, six weeks is not long to wait on the grand scale of things. For many processes they quote two months.

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Yeah. I was giving a receipt with my photo. The receipt for duration of three months expired in July

I was giving a receipt with my passport photograph the day I submit the documents.
You are very correct because the lady that took that 50 Euro stamp from me said “Two months”

That is what I applied for. The form giving to me to fill was for Cds. I submitted every documents i.e 3 months payslip, Bank Statement, Translated copy of my marriage certificate, Birth certificate and proof of address. The lady said it was free the day I was there to submit the documents but I later receive a letter telling me to but 50 Euro stamp.

Just to clarify…

Which nationality are you?

In which country are you Resident?

Did you apply for a Student Visa ? … which does demand a 50€ stamp?

British citizen. I live and work in France. I filled the correct form and was giving a receipt with my laminated passport photograph. The receipt expired in July 2019. That is 3 months (May -July) All my details including my British passport number and expiring date was in the receipt.
I did not renew the receipt when it expired in July and got a letter in August to buy a €50 stamp.

Mmm… the procedure you outline seems very strange, since so many Prefectures have been turning away or refusing Brits who ask for a CdS.

I wonder if there is a misunderstanding somewhere along th eline (between you and the Prefecture) since the 50€ does not seem to compute either… :thinking: Unless it costs 50€ to renew the receipt after is has expired rather than while it was still in date ??? just a thought …

There are many different variants of CdS. Are you sure you applied for the right one? Because as Stella says, from what you say about the processes that your application triggered, it rather sounds like not.

Think there is a mistake somewhere. What I apply for and printed on the form that I fill “Carte de résident Citoyen UE / EEE / Suisse - Séjour permanent”

La délivrance de la carte Citoyen UE/EEE/Suisse - Séjour permanent - Toutes activités professionnelles est gratuite .

I was given a residence permit receipt “Recepisse de demande de carte de sejour”
The receipt is for three months (May - July). Didn’t go there to renew it until I got a letter asking for a document to show when I first entered France and a €50 stamp duty.

Frankly, you have stumped me… no idea what is going on, as it does not seem to make sense, from what we see on the French Gov sites.

I suggest you go back to your “case worker” and ask what is happening.

good luck

There are many different cards and as Stella says the Carte de Sejour/Titre de Sejour UE/EAA/Suisse is free. It is not however a Carte de Resident.
This is but it costs €269 not €50 and is not the card that a British Citizen should apply for.
If Daley Kola has a British Passport I suggest that they have applied for the wrong card and need to put that basic error right.

Phwe, I’ve found mention of 50€ needing to be paid with the Application… but this applies when a case is not straight forward… no idea if this applies to Dalley or is where the mistake lies… have to wait and see… :thinking:


I really don’t think the forum can help with this, Dalley. From the details you have mentioned, such as that you were given a ‘recipissé’ with an expiry date, and are being charged a fee, it seems pretty clear that you are not being treated as a British/EU applicant. I think you need to make an appointment at the prefecture asap and sort it out. Apart from anything else, if it turns out you are (or if the authorities think you are) in a situation where you need permission to stay in France, and you don’t have a permit and your recipissé expired 6 months ago, that would not be a good position to be in.
EDIT - Stella’s post confirms that you are seen as being in an irregular situation, ie you haven’'t complied with immigration procedures. It needs sorting.