Carte De Sejour, online, in october, from by

Sorry if you all know already!! will soon make applications more accessible via an online apply for your CDS, website.

“France will launch a new online platform in October so Britons can apply for their carte de séjour residency permits, the French PM has announced. However campaigners fear the new system may still struggle to cope with the demand”.

Whilst it is welcome news I do wonder whether they’ll wait until the 1st of November before allowing people to apply as it’s possible the UK will still be in the EU.

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Bearing in mind the confusion/chaos still be felt in some quarters … by those trying to access the ANTS automated system… it might be best to wait and see how things pan out…

There will still have to be another way for folk to apply, who cannot use a computer for whatever reason.


…yes…they won’t make it an all www application, but it will surely help with the physical chaos of queueing/rdvs etc. I think the best plus could be that the huge diffs between nationwide prefets, might vanish altogether, if they plan some kind of centralised admin?
. Haha! NOT, though, if it means the same peeps/same cross officials or human failings, already encountered by some, at whichever local prefet has already screwed up. My lady with eyes out on stalks, I can’t imagine she would have been any more pleased to deal with my info, via a stuffed up computer, instead of face to face. She was OK, poor gal, I think, in retrospect, it must have been her first day, first hour, on the job! And I with my pidgin French, could have been her worst nightmare.