Carte de séjour "UE - séjour permanent"

Start on page 3 - it may help to ‘calm’ the waters… and get a stronger ‘grip’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joint report from the negotiators of the European Union and the
United Kingdom Government on progress during phase 1 of
negotiations under Article 50 TEU on the United Kingdom’s orderly
withdrawal from the European Union. Dec 2017

Reading some of the posts on here reminds me of all the fuss and nonsense that went along with Y2K at the turn of the millenium. How we all survived certain Armageddon I’ll never know… :wink:

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My daughter spoke with the head of bureau des etrangers at the weekend and she said there is no need to apply for cartes de sejour at present as UK is still part of EU. They are not granting any interviews for UK people as they have more than enougb work dealing with people who actually need them. She is waiting until after Brexit as to what instructions will be. Taking no notice of French Ministry of Interior guilines at present!!

As I understand it you do not have an interview for a carte de sejour, that is for citizenship.
We went to our prefecture in Macon last week and were given a list of documentation to provide and to write an accompanying letter.
Thereafter it is done by post.
However, Jim found a form for applying for a cds from another Departement and we will base our letter on that.
It is typical French lack of cohesion.

That’s not the point - as an EU citizen you have a right to ask for one - entirely free of charge.

Interesting point Ann. I think Spain has already said that Brits will still be welcome post Brexit… mind you, given that the Spanish economy would collapse without all these Brits contributing their fortunes (legally or otherwise obtained) it’s hardly surprising…
And with the loss of the European Arrest Warrant, Spain and the Netherlands (Amsterdam in particular) will become the havens they once were for the unsavoury ones.

This has been sent out by the British Embassy in Paris. Hopefully it should put some people’s minds at rest.


Thanks for posting that David

That’s the statement I was looking for. Well the equivalent from french side, but it’s a start so thanks. Not that we will probably bother about applying, it’s more to settle a difference of opinion with a friend.

No, that’s not my concern. It’s more about adding extra hurdles to my currently simple life, whether administrative or fiscal burdens. And as others have said, going in and out of the country in particular could be a nuisance as we do that quite a lot. I remember life before the EU and it was decidedly less simple.

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Personally I find the end of paragraph 3 confusing. They have written that they suggest that eligible UK nationals start to prepare the paperwork that they will need to prove their continued residency in France and apply for a carte de séjour; I read that as being prepared when the time comes, others read it as start to prepare the paperwork that they will need to prove continued residency in France when the time comes and apply for a carte de séjour now. For me my version makes more sense as the advantage of having a carte de séjour now is that you won’t need to produce the paperwork to prove your continued residency later. The card will do that. My paperwork will be in order to allow me to jump through whatever hoops are put in place once the fine details of Brexit are published. Until then I will continue to live here by right as a UK citizen but will continue to know that even without a carte de séjour being able to prove over five years residence gives me the right to stay.


I see that someone on another site has decided that it means what they want it to say not what it says.

Huh ??? There’s ANOTHER site ??? :wink:

Thanks for posting this David.
I do not have a birth certificate, but an Apostilled adoption certificate, which I expect will cause problems for the poor fonctionnaires in Macon.
I thought I had seen a help site, but I will make a note of it and keep my fingers crossed.