Carte de Sejour - what's the latest?

Sorry to raise this again but I’m in the dark re the latest news on applying for a CdS.

I now have all my ducks in a row to apply for my CdS (including finally a Tax file number). Alas the way I read the website for on-line applications it appears I have to wait until that website is updated - anticipated to be July …. viz:

‘… a new website adapted to the provisions of the withdrawal agreement will be opened in anticipation early July 2020…’

I’m concerned that the update might not occur until the outcome of the Brexit / EU withdrawal agreement talks which could be (if ever) as late as 31 Dec 2020.

If so doe this mean that I may not be able to apply for my CdS until Jan 2021?

I think it is very unlikely that the Brexit discussions will run smoothly and will inevitably trundle on towards the deadline.

Until things are known I can’t see that France can confirm what the requirements and/or procedure will be.

Rest assured however, with Johnson at the helm I am sure things will run shortly… (or be an absolute shambles)

I wouldn’t stress too much, so far the French government have stuck to their timetable and I expect the website to be up and running next month, you’ve also got until July next year to apply for a CdS.


I think France has been pretty clear and very fair on their position with us, so the Brexit negotiations (or lack of) are very unlikely to interfere significantly. The July opening of the website is quite probably timed to be sure that the transition period won’t be extended as the UK has until the end of June to request an extension.

It has always been for each country to set their own immigration requirements within the overall framework, and what France asks is pretty straightforward and consistent with their wider policies. So I don’t see any great changes there either. If your ducks are all nicely lined up then just keep them fed and watered and don’t worry! If you are a legal resident, then that can be proved whether or not you have the bit of paper - which isn’t a requirement for at least another year.


Start worrying if the online portal doesn’t work as promised, worrying now is pointless. There is no reason to believe that it will not happen. France set their timetable to allow themselves to get everything in place before mid 2021 as well as to allow a straightforward system for British Citizens.

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The one thing that has changed is the rule for over 60’s to be exempt from the language requirement when applying for citizenship.
Yet another kick in the bum for older people.

Why is this ‘exemption’ a kick in the bum - by insinuation? I was rather looking forward to the test (as an older fluent French speaker) so I’m a little disappointed!

I’m all right Jack!
I would probably pass the test too, but my husband, who has a PhD in Physics definitely wouldn’t.
It does not mean that we would be better or worse citizens.
We live a rural life and get on very well here.
We didn’t intend standing for high office. and this appears to us to be yet another kick in the teeth, this time from the French government.
Our French friends are appalled.
By the way it is not just a spoken test.

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Now you have me confused. Physics and other PhD’s aside, are you saying you are offended by not being invited to take a French language test, spoken, written or otherwise?

But that’s for citizenship, not a Carte de Séjour, and applies to everyone not just British people!
I personally view it as an acknowledgement that people over 60 are not bumbling morons, so it is a positive. And only B2 level, so not that hard anyway?


I can’t understand why you are confused.
I am deploring your I’m all right Jack attitude.
Just because you are not a linguist does not mean that you will be a worse citizen and at over 70, why should it really matter at all.
He tries his best and our friends appreciate that.
Having a PhD means that his not an unintelligent person and he has problems differentiating the sounds.

I give up


I know full well that this thread is entitled Carte de Sejour, what’s the latest.
There are probably many older people who would have wanted to go for citizenship and the rules have changed. That is the latest.
Perhaps you have not noticed but threads do diversify and the Carte de Sejour and citizenship are related subjects in that both enable us to stay in France.

but with different benefits… I recall in your case Jane you are more concerned about losing your FOM rights to visit family in Germany which citizenship will confer whilst CdS will not confer any additional rights other than to a limited stay as per any 3rd country citizen.
Have I understood your concerns correctly?


Yes, you are right as far as my freedom of movement is concerned.
It does seem hard that, unless you are in the fortunate position of Alec Gray, we now have to rely on the Carte de Sejour to stay in France. Yet another change to the rules whilst we have lived here and
this time, over which we have no say.

Of course threads drift, and that’s the fun of a forum. However Alec asked a specific question, and in your comment it wasn’t clear that you were drifting (which is of course acceptable) onto a different area. It would be easy for people casually browsing the thread to pick up that language test might ne needed for CdS.

If your OH can mange in day to day life, chat to friends, read the news, watch a TV programme, etc then he should be able to achieve the language test? And if he has problems such as deafness then there is leeway for him to he supported through the spoken interview. The other option is of course for you to apply, and then he can apply once you are French as your spouse where the rules are less strict.

And if you do want to join your family in Germany and get a residence permit even as a european you would have had to have had basic German to same sort of level. Unlike France used to be, you can’t just stay under the radar. So not sure what the difference will be?


We could stay in Germany for longerwith French citizenship than with a CdS.
Jim would have difficulty watching a French tv programme. He is not deaf, just doesn’t have the ear for language.

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Jane, have a look at this -

You might find that visiting your daughter in Germany is much easier than you thought.

Out of interest, this is the only reference I can find about the language issue and it dates back to March 2019 with announcements supposed to have been made in the summer (2019) but I don’t recall having seen anything further…

It’s been discussed for quite a while now…here’s the current position

The TCF test is pretty straightforward.