Carte de Séjour

We have CPAM. What is the advantage to have a Carte Sejour?

Hi John not entirely sure what you mean as the two things aren’t linked.

The CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) is the Primary Health Insurance Fund and the Carte de Séjour is a Residence Permit. As a resident in France you must legally be affiliated to the CPAM by some method, as an EU (? not sure if you are) citizen Residence Permits are optional.

A Carte de Séjour may be useful as a form of ID when presenting yourself for treatment at hospital but mainly they would require sight of your passport. After Brexit, of course, things may be different and a CdS _may_become mandatory - who knows?

Thank you for responding.
I realise the two aren’t linked.
I guess we won’t know until further on with the Brexit negotiations.
Forgetting Brexit, I was just wondering whether there was an advantage to having a Carte Sejour.

As I’ve said to Simon in his response.

John - the Carte de Séjour proves your residency status to anyone who may need it but, as an EU citizen, it doesn’t actually mean you have any additional rights or advantages - at the moment . We sort of know that something will be required to confirm residence status post Brexit, as yet to be defined by France. Some folks think getting a permanent residency card (i.e. >5 years status) now, may smooth the way in the future…who knows?!

Take a look at sections 16 & 17 ( page 3 ) of the EU Commission document issued last December:

Thank you, Simon. That is what I was getting at. I obviously didn’t explin myself well.
I cannot see the French excluding the British after Brexit. After all every €1 we spend in Le Clerc is a £1 not spent in Tescos.

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Had a look at the EU document, and yes it does seem fair and straightforward.

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I believe the EU are entirely fair and reasonable… it’s the British Govt I worry most about. Bunch of lying barstewards…