Carte Fidelite Carrefour


A quick question, can anyone please explain how this loyalty system works?

I think I have understood that If I have accumulated say €24.00 in a previous month from buying wine specials etc, I have to acquire at least €4.00 in the current month before the €24.00 voucher is sent to me or have I got lost in translation lol?

Any help gratefully received.

OMG - good luck then!!

We'll go to accueil next time and screech a bit, usually seems to help.

There is a difference between the Carrefour loyalty card and the Carrefour payment card. Don't have the latter so can't help you Darren sorry, but the standard one just sends you a voucher (with a time limit of course) or I think you can now print your voucher out online.

Brian - if you haven't ever had any vouchers after three years then they are probably being sent to the wrong address! When we moved house changing the address on the card took me so long and was so complicated that it was easier just to get a new card!

Got it Darren, osmosis is what I said and I think how it works. I can't figure it out, vouchers never arrive, we have no PIN and ultimately just a card...

I don't have a Carrefour card so cant help I'm afraid but wondered if anyone knew exactly how the Auchen WOW card works?


I'm confused by the purpose of the card after having one three years. I've never worked out what we get out of it. Hence my very 'abstract' response.

Osmosis. We've done it for three years and?