Carte Gris- proof of address

Hi guys

We are currently staying with friends in France as we search for a property in order to make our move permanent. The car’s insurance and tax is due in December, and the MOT is due in January. As a result, we are hoping to start the process for a Carte Gris this month.

However, we have no proof of address as we are not required to pay any bills. Is there a way around this such as producing an Attestation from our friends?



I’ve sent you a private message.

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Hi David,

I realise your reply to this post was some time ago however I’m in a similar situation re. the need for proof of address. Is an Attestation an option?

Many thanks,


Caroline… welcome to the forum. Please amend your registration to show your Full Name… ie First Name and Last Name as per our T&C’s.

If you’re not sure how to do this… simply put your full name here… and I’ll put things right for you.


Thanks Stella - all done :slight_smile: