Carte Grise for a Trailer

We have a 2015 ‘Admiral’ (Polish) built, un-braked 750kg PTAC boat trailer with a CoC/CE certificate which we tow with our British registered car. If we need to tow with a French car we need a carte grise for the trailer.
We have the Invoice, CE certificate, photographs and fee/cheque, but cannot find a covering form, like CERFA 13750 for cars, to accompany the paperwork. Does anybody know what form to use, and where to send it - we are 04 Alpes de Haute Provence. Thanks-

According to the site… you use the same Application Form as if it were a vehicle…

Online is for French vehicles… your Remorque is Foreign … you will NOT be able to do this online… but by personal visit to the Prefecture.

Someone will pipe up with more details… but I understand that nowadays, you may have to show driving licence/insurance etc etc … as well as proof of address and the other papers you have mentioned.

Hi Stella, Thanks for the prompt reply.
We have been given a real run-around. A French friend 'phoned our Digne Prefecture and was told no CG was required. When we queried this with another Digne fonctionaire we were told we had to send all the paperwork to Aix-en-Provence.
I looked up the online address of DREAL/DRIRE in Aix, posted it off to have it returned 2 weeks later - address unknown.
Another French friend phoned his contact for cars in Aix, and was told we have to personally go to DREAL/DRIRE in Marseille. If we have to go to Marseille so be it, (1hr30) but it would be good to know what else is needed, and if Marseille is really the place to go.
Any other input much welcomed !
Regards- Peter

Aha… now I think of it… we did have to take our Brian James trailer to DRIRE/DREAL … but I thought that was just because we had no CoC (it was before such things).

So it may well be that they have to give it the once over (as you won’t be getting a controle technique done on the trailer…)

The DRIRE/DREAL folk are very helpful. You will probably need to make an appointment with them… for their technician to look it over… so I suggest you contact them and ask the question…

good luck

CoC and DREAL. Just gone through the hoops .750 kg or over the trailer/caravan has to have it’s own cart griss and insurance. Paperwork ref.(R101.4) from your local DREAL office. Not needed if uk plates on car.
Trailer must have, offside fog light,reversing lights, manufacturers plate rivited or welded and visable on chassis also serial number stamped or engraved on chassis. And an MOT type test carried out at DREAL. Cost 86.90 euros. Lots of photos help. Our file was 67 pages. Taken over 12 months. We passed today.
Happy caravaners.