Carte Grise for RHD cars

Hi all, I have just been told by the garage I was going to use to get my car changed to French registaration that it could be difficult as he was told last week that because the car is RHD they won’t register it. Is this the case, does anyone know about this?
Any help and info would be much appreciated.

Well, unless something has changed … our RHD merc came to France with us 12 years ago and has always had a carte grise. We did have to change the lights, which (being mercedes) cost a pretty penny!

Hi Lyn

No problem with RHD cars and the headlights can use beam-benders with impunity (so long as they have been correctly applied).

@Mark_Rimmer will bear this out.


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My Mercedes is from 2005 and the lights were able to be adjusted… phew … saved a pretty penny. :hugs:

Nope, we had no problem.

Another thought - it shouldn’t be a problem if it’s RHD but it may need a certificate of conformity as it’s an imported car - which for our mercedes took ages to come through. Things may have improved though.

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It will need a CoC

With the help of @Mark_Rimmer we recently (May 19} registered a RHD Honda CRV without a problem.

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On the UK log book for newer cars isn’t there a section that means a CoC isn’t needed ?

Hi Ann

This is a rather moot point.

Back in the day(2012) when this was done face-to-face at the Prefecture , my newly acquired 2005 Mercedes had (apparently) all the necessary information on the V5.

However, the lady asked for the CofConformity. Mmm… says I … I don’t think you need it, take another look at the V5 info.

Mmm… says she - Not enough info, I need the CoC.

Fortunately, it was there in the bundle of car bumpf… so I handed the document over. It was A5 and in several languages. The lady screwed her eyes up, sighed and went to find a magnifying glass. She and another colleague conferred over the info on the document then there was a swift tapping on the keyboard… and voilà … all was well.

Thanks for that Stella, OH is thinking of bring his car over in December, think I will get a CoC just in case it’s needed, things were so much easier with the old system of going to the Prefecture

I have all the necessary docs and the lights can be adjusted so no need to change, the only thing needed to be done is to get a fog light over to the left hand side. I’m just wondering if the guy is either trying to make himself look good or he may be trying to get the price up, he’ll have a job. I’ll ask around with other people who do this work and see what they say.
Thanks for your replies, it all helps.

Our little local garage is taking care of everything for our friends RHD car, no problems so far!

Check all the car docs and booklets. Ours was such a small, insignificant piece of paper, amongst so many… :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie, is it anywhere near Bergerac by any chance?

Sorry, spelt your name wrong!

No problem with the spelling, unfortunately we don’t live near Bergerac, so can’t help. But do ask around, our local guy is brilliant, he’s sorting out the CT for them & then will do all necessary for the Carte Gris, you just need to make sure you have all your documents ready for them.

Lyn, Victor Duborg, at the Peugeot dealership in Lauzun (about 20 miles south of Bergerac) offers a service for the paperwork and compliance for importing cars. Very popular service in the area, they even have a notice advertising it on the reception desk!

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We have a second home in Fayence Var and we recently imported and registered a RHD VW Golf from UK. It was reasonably straight forward process providing you have all the correct documentation, we fitted LHD headlamps to car before we imported it as it was easier and a more permanent solution. If you need any advice quite happy to help.

It was Victor who said there may be a problem registering a RHD car!