Carte Grise in old address

We have owned an old Renault R4 for many years and the plan was always to restore and use it so we brought it to Brittany from the Languedoc when we moved a decade or so ago. Since that time it has sat in our hangar (always insure I may add).
A mechanic/bodywork friend has decided to buy it and is collecting it today. I have just noticed that the carte grise is still registered at the old address. For the purposes of the Cerfa 15776 - Certificat de Cession should we just fill it in using the old address? If I put our current address it may cause a hitch but I really do not want to go to all the palaver of an ants.gouv address change.
Any ideas?

I discussed with the chap buying and it is all sorted thanks.

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We have just updated our Carte Grise due to the new addresses we all have.
The letter accompanying the slip to affix to the Carte Grise showed our new address, but the slip itself omitted the name of our lieu dit.
Pulling out hair!