Carte Vitale after Retirement or Death

(Robin Wilson) #1

I hate to talk about a sad or depressing subject, but as I get older I think of things that I will want to know ahead of time, and the time I will need to know them gets closer and closer!!

My Irish husband has a small business here in France. It was established in 2011 and he will probably continue to work another couple of years or so before taking retirement. I am American, but also hold Irish citizenship, and I do not work. So he is the 'assured' for our Carte Vitale.

I am curious as to what will happen with our health cover when he does retire. We will continue to have our top up insurance, of course, but does the national cover continue after you have been working and contributing for a certain period of time? The same questions would apply, I suppose, if one of us was suddenly left alone...

Thanks for any information you may be able to pass on.

(Nicole Hammond) #2

Hi there - feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll give you some pointers. :blush:

(Robin Wilson) #3

Hi Nicole…I’ll email you from my Yahoo email. Thanks for responding. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would!! :slight_smile:

(Robin Wilson) #4

Sorry, Nicole…I just tried to email you at the address above and it bounced back to me. Maybe there is a typo in the address? :confused: Hope to hear from you again soon.

Many thanks,

(Nicole Hammond) #5

Hi Robin

Oh dear! No, there’s no typo - I don’t understand why your email
bounced. Maybe try instead, which is my
personal email address.

Best regards