Carte Vitale application

If you are a U.K. Senior Citizen moving to France to live can you get a Carte Vitale?

Everyone can get a Carte Vitale but for OAPs the usual route is by getting an S1 certificate. What will happen to pensioners relying on their S1 is one of the clouds on the Brexit horizon.

Hi @Mrs_Lynn_Edwards - if by Senior Citizen you mean you are in receipt of a UK State Pension then the answer is yes. Pretty straightforward procedure well documented on here.

If you are in receipt of an OAP then you can currently get an S1 to cover the base healthcare with PUMA and there is no check on your income. However, if the S1 disappears as a result of Brexit, you would need to join PUMA as a non active self sufficient person and in that case there IS a check. To be classed as self sufficient and not likely to be a burden upon the state (part of the residence criteria that allows you to join the system) you need the ASPA level of income if you are over age 65. This is 9609.60 euros per annum if you are single and 14918.90 euros per annum if you are a couple. In my opinion it would be foolish to move here now, with Brexit on the horizon, with less than the required level of income.