Carte vitale documents

I can’t seem to find the answer to my question.
As an inactif and relying on my husband’s income do I need a letter from him when I take my application to cpam?
Should we both give the same pension statements with our individual applications.
Also the dwp have still not sent our legislation letters, should we just submit without them to get the ball rolling?

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These days the process seems to have been simplified so much that it makes no mention of providing income details. All you need is evidence of identity, and that you have been here for 3+ months, and a RIB, according to current form here…

I never had a legislation letter, although when we applied we had to provide every tiny detail of income. So things change…best to me is to go with what you have and they’ll quickly tell you if they want more.

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In your shoes, I would not hesitate to go along to the local CPAM office… which may be on restricted hours, but always better IMO than the bigger offices.

I do not know the answer to your question, but the local CPAM will certainly be able to help/advise you…

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Thank you. I’ve been worrying myself about this more than anything else. We arranged insurance until 31st December so all being well we should be fine.
I got a splinter in my knuckle yesterday and it’s really sore today and I’m hoping it will settle. Of course I’ve checked for septicaemia which is ridiculous but I’m overthinking as usual. :thinking::exploding_head::blush:

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If you are worried about infections go and show your knuckle to your local pharmacy who will no doubt sell you antiseptic sprays, but also tell you if they think you should go to a doctor. Or go to straight to a doctor- its25€ and you’d get that back from your insurance most likely. Worrying is not good for you!

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Thanks. I’ll see how it is in the morning.

Mmm … splinter in knuckle… have you tried holding the knuckle in warm water and then trying to suck the splinter out ??

If you were local… I would have a go with my trusty (sterilised) tweezers … :upside_down_face:

Whatever, keep calm… as Jane says… worrying is a no-no… :hugs:

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The splinter came out easily last night but this morning my knuckle was sore and there was a little lump. I’m hoping it won’t be infected or that a bit of wood is not still in there.

warm water and sucking… can’t do any harm… the Pharmacist will take a look with a magnifying glass, I expect… they are usually very helpful :slight_smile:

Soak your hand in hot water + salt then disinfect with whatever you usually use. If it has a bit of wood or dirt still in it, it will go a bit pus-y then so then just squeeze it and the foreign body will pop out with the pus. Then clean it and disinfect it again and you should be ok. Keep the wound open, you want it to heal from the bottom up.


After a fruitless morning trying to get to grips with their multi-choice phone system, I actually did go CPAM’s big regional office in Niort this afternoon. Explained I wanted to apply for a social security number and a CV…was asked for address…phone no…proof of ID…and promised a call in the next 3-4 days to arrange an RDV.
Glimmer of hope…

Thu 2 May. Update. True to their word, CPAM just called to arrange a RDV in a fortnight.
The docs we’ll need to bring are:
S1 forms
Birth Certs
Marriage Certs (for all marriages !)
Our RIBs
Electricity bill

After 12 years wading neck-deep through the treacle of Italian bureaucracy and officialdom, how nice to come across a Govt body that say they’ll call to arrange a meeting - and then do.


Are you registered S1?
If you are, you will find it easier to register with CPAM.
Speak to DWP Newcastle (overseas)
and they can tell you if you qualify.

When sending RIB details to cpam do i photocopy the paying in slip from my cheque book or write the details down by hand. The first seems a safer way of ensuring that the details are correct.

You should he able to download a RIB from your online bank account.

You may have a RIB as one of the pages in your cheque book. Have a look. If not, then there may be one attached to your bank statement.

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Stanley knife blade…better than surgery

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I would strongly urge that no-one should wield a Stanley knife blade on their own or another person’s injured hand, for any reason. No disrespect to you, Bob.

The human hand is a structurally amazing bit of anatomy and only a specially trained surgeon should approach it, and never with a very sharp, heavy and non-precision blade like the Stanley blade, which is wholly unsuited to hand surgery, as irreparable damage could ensue to fine ligaments, tendons, nerves or blood vessels, leaving the victim with a permanent disability.

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A certain degree of care is essential Peter ; that goes without saying.
In all seriousness, regardless of the size of splinter, I’ve always chosen Stanley over all other blades…fiendishly sharp, & with a point ideal for delicately cutting & lifting…hence, the first choice for use on veneers.
But your concerns are entirely justified.


Yup…have current S1 forms

If I had run out of my go to homeopathic remedies for driving out splinters…such as silicea…ledum pal and maybe hepar sulph…then I’d also opt for a Stanley blade over a needle…x :slight_smile: