Carte vitale documents

Try being in the passport office in Liverpool with a shortened form birth certificate, the only caucasian there and being denied a passport because I might have been smuggled in from Ireland.
All because I was adopted.

I don’t need to try to put myself in your place, Jane, I am in sympathy with anyone who has been stigmatised and shunned because of the circumstances of their birth or inheritance or unasked-for genetic difference, like you. And me and some members of my family. It is an outrage and you do not deserve it, and to have it brought up over and over again to rub salt into the wounds.

At least we have something in common to account for our spirited comments, even though we occupy different positions on the grid

Have you plotted your position on

Economic Left/Right 6.75
Social Libertarian 5.69
A centrist, which doesn’t come as any surprise to me.

Economic left/right -5.0
Social libertarian/authoritarian -5.28

Yay, I’m very proud of this.

We both obviously share a dislike of extremism of any kind.
Unfortunately, we are seeing far too much of it at the moment.

Via an enema? Seems a bit drastic for a splinter!

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The time has come to apply for a Carte Vitale.

Has anyone applied for a Carte Vitale recently?

Have the requirements and documents required changed at all?

Going through this currently with some new arrivals.

First thing they’ve been asked to produce is form S1. So that has been requested from the previous country (not UK) … :zipper_mouth_face: … and should arrive any time soon.

Can’t proceed without it (so we are told)… actually, the CPAM lady finally said that we could proceed if absolutely necessary, but it would be a very long and arduous journey without the S1 … :upside_down_face:

One of the group has received an U1 and E104 - so we’ll be seeing where that gets us… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everyone has brandished passport/birth cert/marriage cert etc - proof of address

Isn’t the S1 required for OAPs, or is it for all?

I may feel old at times but not there yet.

Ha ha… these are in their late 20’s and early 30’s.

You will be ex-UK which may be different… did I read somewhere that UK has stopped or is stopping S1 except for pensioners??

  • hopefully someone will chime in with current UK info…

@Mat_Davies How will you be supporting yourselves financially ??

Here’s the form. Dead simple now. Fill it in, copy the necessary documents and off you go. You merely need to prove who you are and that you are here in a stable manner. I wasn’t asked for health insurance or indeed much about financial wellbeing - but each caisse is a bit different. Sometimes they also ask for the letter from DWP that says you are not entitled to UK healthcare, which you cam get by phoning up DWP international.

S1 has been axed for all apart from those in receipt of state pension and cross border workers.

We are financially secure which can be proved.

That’s great. I was just wondering if you might be going the “self-employed” route to health cover. :thinking:

S1 is now only issued to people of state retirement age. My other half has recently achieved his Carte Vitale, he is under state retirement age so needed his letter from the DWP stating he was no longer a UK resident / was not entitled to UK health care.
After a few weeks and a secondary form to complete (and of course more bits of paper to return) he received his CV :slight_smile:

In case folk have missed the details: I am dealing with folk from outside UK but within the EU.

Hi Peter… as of 4 weeks ago, CPAM in my area are certainly insisting that S1 be provided to folk that I am helping. They are not UK folk though but from elsewhere in EU and nowhere near Retirement.

I suspect that for UK folk it might well be different…

CPAM have promised to phone the folk in about a week, to check whether or not the S1 has been received. If it has not they have said the appointment for the next day will be cancelled… and the wait will continue.

Although S1 is a european wide thing, there are different ‘types’ of S1. It used to be that there was an E106, E109, E121 etc etc which have all been rolled under the S1 heading.

For non-UK european nationals France will require an S1. For UK nationals they don’t unless you are a cross-border worker or receiving your pension (just being older doesn’t do it, you have to be in receipt of your state pension)

Phew, cheers Jane - I was beginning to wonder if I (or the CPAM lady) was going mad. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Sorry Stella ! I missed the bit about them being from outside the UK

No problem… Peter… :smiley:

This lot is a bit of a learning curve for me… thoroughly enjoying it though, they are such nice people.