Carte Vitale problem

My partner and I are both retired, living full time in France for nearly a year. I have a Carte Vitale, my partner has a conditional social security number only. We have S1s. He was born in Poona India in 1945 in a British military hospital, father British Army. He has a birth notification from the hospital but not a certificate that CPAM regard as “pukka”.
We have sent a wad of money to a solicitor in Poona to see if a search of the records might enable a birth certificate of some sort to be issued. There are no records at any UK agency. He has an EHIC card which we hope he can renew.

My question is, if this attempt fails, will he have zero cover and so have to look for private cover (probably unaffordable).
I am thinking that perhaps it might not be practical to live in France if this is the case.

We would be very grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance.


Hi Tim… I’ve sent you a private message.