Carte vitalle

Hi My wife and I both have a Carte Vitalle on the back of her being a Auto-Entrepreneur. She last worked in Jan 2015.Since then we have entered her earnings as zero on her quarterly statements.

My question is ,how many times can we enter zero,before we lose our Carte vitalle`s

regards Bill

as sais 2 years of mil chiffre before you are deleted from the AE list but if you are unlikely to work before the end of the 2 years is up, best to close down yourself that be automatically closed down (less paperwork and trouble)

Exactly as Andrew says. I make a point of occasionally putting some money, perhaps €200, on my account then declaring it to stay in safely. I have gone three quarters at zero when I was too ill to work but prefer not to. When I was asked face to face where a payment without paperwork came from I told them I was paid cash with no paperwork but preferred to keep it legit. They could have introduced gobsmacked into the French language there and then. Like who declares cash in hand? But they cannot say much if you say you declared it to stay on the right side of the law. Invent your own twists and turns or get out toute suite before the cotisations land in your laps.

24 months, and at that stage you automatically move over to the general regime and will have to pay cotisations up-front (a forfait) which amount to around 6,000€ a year so best to get yourselves struck off the list before that date or put through some work to keep yourselves in the system ;-)