Case studies needed

I’m working on a big property feature for Living France and we need some case studies!

We are looking for property search agents, traditional estate agents, as well as people who have bought privately, or people who have found their French property in a more unusual manner (word of mouth / twitter...)

If you can help and would be happy to be featured, please get in touch with me via pm or comment below and I will pass your details on.

Thank you!

Thank you all - I have forwarded your details onto the Ed as she is organising that end of it. Thanks again! C x

I can probably tell you a tale or two …

  • and give me call if you wish.
    Ian M.

Oh Wow Sandra that is some story. Real adventures going place no person has gone before. Fab G.

My husband came across our French home browsing on the internet in May 2006 whilst we were in the States. We bought it without seeing it and moved in August 2007!

Hi Catharine. I am quite happy to help if I can. Bon weekend, Peter

That sounds like my kind of thing…tell more?