Cashpoints moving indoors?

Is it just my neck of the woods, or are cashpoints being moved indoors?

I have noticed two or three exterior cashpoints (Credit Agricole) being relocated into the bank/lobby.

This also seems to coincide with the lobby (and thus the cashpoint) only being available for limited times - business hours?

Nice to be sheltered from the rain, but strange for this relocation to coincide with a reduction in the times that the cashpoint is available.

But then, perhaps cash is on the way out, and soon cashpoints will be as rare as telephone kiosks?

When I lived in Germany it was normal for the cashpoints to be indoors. You used your card to open the door to access the machine.

I have certainly come across many cashpoints in lobbies, but it seems strange for on-street cashpoints to be removed into lobbies, and coincidentally, for access to the lobby to be significantly restricted.

The whole point of cashpoints was to be able to get cash outside of banking hours. It seems a tad backward to subject cashpoints to banking hours.

I’m just wondering if it’s a new Credit Agricole policy, to make cashpoint use a more comfortable experience, and to ensure they are only available at times when full customer support can be provided. Perhaps other banks are doing this too?

The CA cashpoints are indoors in the towns around us here… but access is 24hr…
…any further access into the bank itself is denied except during “normal bank-opening hours” … has worked like this for years… :smiley:

I very rarely go to the bank in person but a cashpoint is useful for more things than just to withdraw some beer tokens :beer::laughing: We have 3 banks in our local town, all of which are closing permanently in the near future. The CA cashpoint is the only one thats inside and is available 24 hours , and is the only one that will remain. Sorry, got La Poste too with an ATM, hope that doesn’t go too.

When La Poste wanted to close our PO… our council (we) provided the office space and subsidises it… and we manage with 7 half-days… much better than nothing… but no cashpoint as yet… we are too tiny for Banks but they are not far away…:wink:

It’s the same here Stella and I prefer it like this. 24 hour access with no more standing in the pouring rain with steamed up glasses or having the sun dazzle on the screen so that you can’t read it. I also feel more secure too, one thing that I actually like CA for ! :slight_smile: