Cassoulet help- quick

Can I get away with adding haricots in Tom sauce to my cassoulet. (Opened them by mistake)


Definitely! But then I am a fridge cook…! So maybe purists would disagree!


I certainly would… waste not want not…

I do all sorts of weird and wonderful things rather than throw anything away… and many a strange mix turns out to be a “special” in my house… :hugs:


My style exactly!


Dear Both
Thank you. Escoffier might scoff (scoff off, I say,) but I decided to use a can of haricot blanc. But when I got it into the slow cooker, it looked a bit measly so I topped it up with the haricots in tomato sauce. As per nor, I have now made enough food for 8 when there are only two of us. It’s habit- I can’t not cook for a family!
(Ask me why I am cooking cassoulet in August…)


Ha ha… I’ve cooked a giant pan of chili concarne… today… and I’ve enough to feed an army.

I put tubs into the freezer for another time… makes a swift meal when needed…

and even if there’s only a small amount of, say… chili or bolognaise… or whatever mince beef concoction… that can be delicious served alongside or over a baked potato (done in the microwave).

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It works well everytime, serve it with baked potatoes (and grated cheese), rice, or just in a dish on it’s own. I haven’t quite got used to the lack of baked beans with a rich tomato sauce but I’m sure I will when I have access to my own kitchen ingredients in a few weeks time. Still renting (just over two weeks to go…yeahhhh!)

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We had ‘proper’ hot food today, only because ithe weather was so lovely and cool. :full_moon_with_face:

We had cassoulet because I had defrosted the BBQ meat but the weather has been atrocious!

We are having pulled pork because I am not sure when the family will arrive.
I put it in the slow cooker at 7 this morning. Now the weather has become cloudy and I could have put it in the oven!

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Jane… which cut of pork are you using… ?? I’ve got a slow cooker and it would certainly be a cooler way to cook…

No problem at all.
I put tomato puree and concentrate into my cassoulet. You’re not violating the verities.
And remember what Ariane Daugin said - Cassoulet is not a recipe in France. It is a way to argue between villages.

Brilliant- important to see that, in France, we care about really important matters!
Vive le Cassoulet! :fr:


I didn’t see it!..what haricots???

You get shot by the foreign legion but at least you won’t starve if you eat them

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Fun factoid - Castelnaudry, where one of the annual cassoulet festivals is held in late August, is also the home to the 4th Regiment Legion training facility.

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Cassoulet festivals?

Who knew?


no advice from me except bung what you like in! Purists soak dried haricots and cook for days at a time… just thought I would relate a Cassoulet story when we first came down to our house just outside LODEVE Herault it was February. We had no furniture as that was being delivered, our 400 year old house hadn’t been occupied for 4 years and it snowed on the first day Brrrrrr… a couple of days later on the Sunday we decided to venture out and ended up in SOUBES where the village cafe looked closed but on pushing open the door found the place hot and humid and full of locals who greeted us like we had lived there for years. I using my then very schoolboy French asked for a menu to much laughter we were told to sit down, two plate/bowls put in front of us and a huge pile of cassoulet ladled out… crusty local Pain Levan and a litre of red win followed… heaven I can still remember how it tasted!


in the socalled home of the stuff, Castelnaudary, purists would not approve such an addition, It would alter the indescribable taste. . Tomatoes are a not an ingredient for cassoulet. It sort of tastes of sausage and ham hock and those muddy beans. But who cares?

I think as long as you’re not using one of those “All Day Breakfasts in a Can”, you should be okay.

Though now I think of it - they’re just British Cassoulet, aren’t they?