CASTING FOR CHANNEL FIVE - Avignon, Arles, Nimes, Orange area

Are you British and running a business between near (ish) Avignon/Arles/Nimes/Orange areas. For the Channel five series ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’ we are looking to film with a British family/individual/couple who have successfully established their life in France. We do want a business that is quintessentially English though. Please get in touch a.s.a.p. as we are filming mid-may.

What is a quintessentially English business ?

A sports bar complete with St George flags, cheap lager and Sky Sports on the box.

Cheap lager - in france! Never

Lol. That is the Dordogne.

I am still trying to think of a quintiential English shop. Gregg’s the baker’s ? Poundland ? WH Smith’s ?

Provence is as French as you can get. What type of British shop would work in Provence ? I can’t imagine iced cream buns and Cornish pasties selling well.

Is Jane McDonald the chanteuse with the moustache?

A pie and mash shop?

Hey don’t knock it - we have a brilliant Fish & Chips van than passes through every now and then to give us immigrants a fix ! - CC Fish & Chips

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A quintiential English greasy food van business blocking the entrance to a quentiential French brocante. Nice touch !

Love the flags lol.

And what is a ‘racette traditionalle’ ? Would that be some fish and some chips ?

Try reading the wording on the side of the van a little more carefully Mark.

Talking down about your country or origin and taking the p out of it’s traditions is one of the most unappealing traits of immigrants…

I’m an expat not an immigrant. Lol. I got relocated here for work. So there !!!

I did not not like fish and chips when I lived in the UK !!! It is hardly talking down the country because I don’t like fat greasy chips and a fish covered in some kind of yellow wierd stuff. Especially sold from a van.

If they sold proper fat prawn mayonnaise sandwiches I might go with that. But then again I have an quentiential M&S 15 mins away so it is unlikely. I will get them from there.

I wasn’t necessarily referring to you Mark but…if the cap fits… :slight_smile:

A couple of things:

Firstly, the Fish & Chips I mentioned above do not consist of fat greasy chips and some kind of yellow weird stuff. They are simply delicious chips perfectly cooked and the batter enveloping the prime cuts of fish is light, crispy and delightful. The van is impeccable and the couple who operate it simply charming. But as you don’t like Fish & Chips, and don’t eat them - you wouldn’t have a clue about their quality so are not qualified to pass judgement. My response just serves to correct your banal assumptions.

Secondly, the word is quintessential. You’ve spelt it wrong a few times now - so best you know or you may start looking a bit silly.

Oh and - generally, if you’re not French and have your residency here in France - you’re an immigrant. The word expat is simply used by those who find the word immigrant ‘uncomfortable’ when referring to themselves - even though that is what they are.

Hope that clears things up for you…:slight_smile:

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Thanks for correcting my banal responses, spelling, and lack of knowledge about fish and chips. I am guessing you are not a motivation coach lol.

I beg to differ through on the word ‘expat’. Wiki disagrees with you.

That’s me :grinning:…Expat. :sunglasses:

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Extract from Wikipedia General Disclaimer:

" Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information."

Let’s get back to main subject, shall we…:wink:

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Just a bit more Stella :wink:

Interesting Guardian article from a couple of years ago - no comment :slight_smile:

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Good fish and chips is wonderful.

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You are so lucky Simon, there are F&C vans here too, but alas they operate only at various markets during the week (which means I can’t go & make a pig of myself because of work).

I know Vero ! CC (Chris & Clare) Fish & Chips do lots of evening venues as well which makes it great for those working! My nearest venue is Mirepoix (09) and they always get a great mix of people - i.e. not just Brits! :slight_smile:

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It is typically those type of articles written by stupid people that create tensions across the world.

Now look at this article.

Now i remember reading on a thread that you do not want to be buried in France. To me that implies that you are an expat in France as you want to return back to the UK.

Don’t be ashamed of being an expat. :joy: