Cat Carer for Holidays

Does anyone know of any websites where I can find people who pop round to houses to feed cats while you are away?

I know of several that advertise for homesitters for pets but none that will just come round twice a day. French or English sites would be helpful. Thanks.

Hi Sandy,

I'm in Indre but I know there are a few places out there which hire out professionals to do it - they are covered by insurance etc.

Since writing earlier I've actually found a few by searching under garde animaux. None particularly close though.

I remember several years ago a friend asked another friend of mine to take care of her cat and keep an eye on the house while she was away - she only lived 200 yards down the road. Turn lights on and off, open and close the curtains, and make sure the cat was fed.The 'carer' friend never went round - until the final day when she went and opened the curtains and put food down for the cat (which was outside you'll be pleased to know)

It left me quite speechless....

Karen, it would help if you posted whereabouts you are, I might know someone if you're local.

Not an option in this case I'm afraid, Brian.

If anyone has any experiences of getting a professional in to visit the animals please drop a line.

We are going away tomorrow, we simply ask a neighbour to come round to feed our two. We leave a supply of food outside, at least where it won't be rained on, plus their bowls and that works. Just ask people, we have never had any problem doing that and have saved a fortune on catteries although we have one less than three minutes drive away if push came to shove...