Cat from Normandy found wandering in Milton Keynes!

This from the RSPCA Facebook/Web page:

RSPCA - official (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) We are searching for the owners of a French cat who has turned up in a Buckinghamshire village. He was seen wandering around Cosgrove, Milton Keynes and had a French micro-chip registered to an address in Normandy! Unless a local owner can be found, with the appropriate vaccination certificates and pet passport, the feline will have to go into quarantine for six months before he can be re-homed.We really hope that this appeal will ring a bell with someone. Anyone with any information about this cat should call our local branch office on 01908 611179.

He's a beautiful big, fluffy ginger and white boy - anybody in Normandy know anyone who has recently taken such a cat to the UK?

The RSPCA have had several people come forwrd to claim this cat. They had tried to find the details of the owner from the microchip - a french one, but were blocked by the French registration authority.

We (Chats du Quercy) helped from this end and were able to get the complete address details registered, so hopefully they can verify one of the people who claim to be the owners.

It seems like whatever happens, there should be a happy ending soon for this poorly pusscat.

It looks like the owners (in England) have been traced. RSPCA can't give more details yet, but with luck it'll be a happy reunion in time for Christmas!

presumably they know the surname of the registered owner in Normandy - it should be fairly easy to search the area the cat was found with that surname.

I spoke with the RSPCA concerned this morning. Apparently this cat has been wandering for 4 years!! The poor thing is quite ill now with a mass on its liver, so finding its owner would really help this cat. It is very lucky to have found the RSPCA at least it will be well looked after for a while.

It has been known.

We have reunited a few but one that sticks in my memory was a cat lost from Bordeaux which turned up in a small village in the Tarn et Garonne. We traced the owners and returned the cat which had been missing for over a year!

Lets hope this poor puss-cat has the same happy outcome.

If anyone would like to offer a forever home to a cat or kitten this Christmas, please call us at Chats du Quercy 05 63 94 73 97 we can arrange appointments at a time to suit you

Thanks Lynn! It now seems he has been in the area for a long time, but better late than never if his 'lost' family can be found - what a nice Christmas present that would be for both sides!

Thanks Faye and welcome to Cat Chat

I have rang the RSPCA number and have left a message on thier answerphone just to offer to help from this side of the chanel albeit the wrong end of France! You never know, we may be able to provide a tranlation/interface with the french National Microchip database.

We'll keep you posted!


Hi Fay - I've posted this on the FB page too. C x