Cat naps

This afternoon, it is hot. here is tootie having his sieste in the shade of our terrance, if only we had no inhibitions!

Gosh, you were lucky to get that picture Melissa. They never do posing to order and whenever you have a camera they are not doing what you want (the thing they do every day of the week!!). Yes, Carol Ann, what a gorgeous cat - and what good taste he has in furniture! When Toby covers his face it means "DO NOT cuddle me, touch me or look at me - this is serious sleeping!"

Yes smarty! That was my doll's crib when I was little. Kitty (he) only napped in there once or twice, to indulge me I think. Aren't all the pictures fabulous? Carol Ann's long haired lovey is so dear with his/her little paws tucked under his/her face.

Fuzzy and Kitty Cupcake de la Creme both look edible. Is that a dolly's bed she is on?

Awww - another one who doesn't seem to be able to sleep with the lights on......

Carol, maybe you need to close the shutters? ;-)))

nap time, is anytime

Do you make these to order Melissa? The cat cot? I'm sure you'd make a fortune!!

She certainly looks very comfy.

Fuzzy has taught me so much - mostly to not get all judgy-freaky-stressy just because the first few days together don't go well. He is a lamb (and has proven to be a champion mouser) and is still up for adoption (all you ladies in the countryside)!

Here's another nap photo - Darling Kitty Cupcake de la Crème - my first cat who had the gigantic task of catifying me and putting up with all my ignorance.

They just love the ironing Regina, Tootie especially wil hop from lovely warm freshly ironed (and WAS neatly folded!) item to the next! and Bibi is just a litle bit indignant at having been woken I think!!

Valerie, we recently had a cat returned to the Rescue centre after being in his new family for 5 weeks, becasue he has a knot in his tail and the retired couple couldn't accept it anymore!! We took him back in quick as a flash, and guess what, this was a retired vet!!!

The gorgeous puss is now in an much better loving family who adore him for how he is, a most lovable and affectionate puss!

Fuzzy definitely looks very relaxed and at home Melissa, you've done wonders with him!

I love his white underpants, Melissa! :-)))

Fuzzy wants to show you all he's a champion napper too! I treasure seeing all these photos - it's good to celebrate all the loved animals in happy homes! Go Cat Chat!

Position is everything in life Lynn!! But he has got his wooly trousers on. And what about the beautiful Mlle Bibi with her "LBD" outfit.

Mischief has found a good place for a catnap on my laundry basket. One good reason to postpone doing the ironing, I suppose!![](upload://sOx6wQnAJ3R0aLiMv6swr3O9lQe.jpg)

Ah bless. Who cares about the little imperfections anyway - my 'boy' has a lump on his elbow where his fur grew back after being rippped off down to his paw by an alsation when he was a baby (under instruction from its owner - a policeman, no less) so he had muscle and sinew exposed which ants were feasting off. So we don't care if they're ladylike or gentlemanly - they're still our kids.

..... not very ladylike..... (Her right paw is crippled because she got thrown out of a car together with her siblings when she was a tiny kitten; that's why it looks a bit strange. But Mademoiselle is really beautiful as you can see - inspite of her handicap!)

Great picture, Lynn! I bet a lot of cats in France were relaxing like Tootie today! This is Bibi also relaxing on the couch :-) !


and yes, sorry Valerie, he is on the sofa!!

Cats allowed but the dog no - only because she's too big!