Cat registration in France

Hi all,

Our 13yr old rescued female tortoiseshell was chipped and reg'd in the UK by ourselves. When we moved to Haute-Garonne in Feb (from 06 dept) we got her into the local vets for a feline mot if you will, with blood check and rabies jab again included, so all up to date now etc.

However, the vet gave us the SIEV form to finish filling in/sign and send off along with the 11.50€ cheque and to date we've nothing! The cheque was cashed 4 days later back in Feb but still heard nothing from them. OH has tried calling but can't seem to get through, thanks Hayley :)

If you have your cat's chip number Hayley, you should be able to contact SIEv to see what is going on.

Here is their website address too - best of luck

Hi Hayley,

did your vet not give you a "Certificat d'Identification Provisoire"? This is a green sheet and valid for 4 months. By then you should have received your permanent white registration card.

If you can't get through to the number in Paris ( maybe you could ask your vet for advice?