Cat sitter wanted

Good morning everyone. I’m looking for a cat sitter to cat sit in mid winter, ie. end of January for a week.!!! I live in the Pays Basque, near St Peé sur Nivelle/ St jean de Luz.

I have four cats who come and go through a cat flap and simply require food in the morning and evening. Couples or single person only, definitely no children or pets (perhaps a budgie or a hamster!!) my email is if you would like a free holiday in the Pays Basque. You would only have to supply your own food. The house is centrally heated, has a log fire if required and even in winter the Pays Basque is fabulous. Thank you for your time.
Ken Wheatley


Hello Ken

Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried “House and Pet Sitting France” on Facebook? They seem to be very successful at getting people to pet sit.

Hope you find someone.

Hello Ken… and Welcome

There are many Cat lovers on the Forum… and this sounds like an ideal way of enjoying a change of scene…


Hi Stella,
My full name is Kenneth Wheatley. I think that is what you want; Sorry if I’m being a bit dim!!!

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I may well have had a Senior Moment… it’s one of those days…

Welcome again… and happy foruming… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking::relaxed:

Thank you, I shall have a look.

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I have them too so don’t worry!

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