Cat who thinks he is a dog!

Im sure my cat thinks he is a dog, he wakes in the morning and runs down stairs with the 2 dogs and waits with them at the door for the first of our daily walks , which is a run around the field before brealfast he will chase and play with the 2 dogs do his busniess and we all go back for breakfast. he dosent come out for the long walk we have later as he like a bit of him time , but will be waiting on the lane and walk us back to the house where he will curl up on the sofa or in front of the fire with the dogs / If any one knocks at the door he runs to it with the dogs to see who it is . Wants a third of my knee in the evening while we watch telly and then sleeps in the crook of my knee on the bed at night. The dogs are not allowed (normally) on the bed so he feels he is top dog and will smack any faces that get to close to the bed. While on the sofa he will wash and smack the dogs as they need it . Plus like the dogs he comes running when the snack bag is rattled... he also gives what we call love bites , not to hard but its like he is playing with usand gives us a nip.

I got him as a five year old rescue cat 4 years ago when he first came he hated us all and was quite nasty but now he has settled with us all and is very loving and constantly at my heels like the dogs

Any one else have a dog/cat ?

Our cat Indi - definitely!

Hi Pamela, I have a cat like that too, Charlie, he even barks when he gets excited! He walks with us when we take the dogs out , he pinches the dogs biscuits.......but even more biarre I have a dog who thinks he is a cat! He is very small, a Japenese Spitz, and was raised with lots of cats, he plays with the cats and mothers them, he has even been known to try to make puppies with them, which as the cat was unchat and not une chatte, was not very well received!!!!!!Crazy mixed up dog but he is very cute!


He sounds like a lovely cat who is responding naturally to the love he gets with you and the dogs. What's his name? Rover? :-)

I think cats are type cast into an aloof and independent rôle and if one treats them as such, that's how they behave. Our cats Gaby and Magic get loads of love and give lots back - and insist on their evening walk with "daddy" - which gives the lie to all those jokes about the difficulty of "herding cats"…