Cat6 termination panel?


I'm looking for a 'panel' to terminate a load of Cat6 wiring in a barn

Can anybody recommend anything cheap and cheerful and perhaps give some advice/links to the current regulations regarding connecting up to the phone system? Well not too bothered about the phone, mainly the internet!!


You'll need to open this and view it in full screen Shirley :)

Carl I’m v impressed with way you linked just using the word THESE. how d’you do that? It’s a useful facility!

The phone, well if you have a line to the house you could cable it in yourself but really use an electrician. Everything past the little box and France Telecom and/or whichever actually company you connect through are not going to do it. We have had our line coming in via the bathroom for six years and then a very silly route along skirtings which when all of our wiring is done as we convert our attic will be rerouted as part of the same job. If you want to do it yourself, I think it is easy enough. I certainly added an extension indoors and it is simply a matter of matching connections by wire colour and imagine the outside box is much the same.

As far as tableau de communication goes we have seven of them in our building and the best way to describe them is 'expensive empty box'

Seriously, Just buy the cheapest one you can with enough room inside to hook together the 2 or 3 things you might actually put in there. You don't need anything fancy.

You need one of THESE

And one of THESE to connect the wires.

Fairly easy to do once you get your head around all of the wires and mess. Keeping things neat is the key and (if you have alot of cables) taking decent notes of what wire is going where.

You CAN spend more money on name-brand patch panels that will be much easier to wire up but lets face it, You are only going to do it once.