Catastrophe naturelle

Hi, we have been sent a letter from our mairie informing us that the floods of November4th have been accepted as a Catastrophe naturelle and to inform our insurance companies in the next 5 days.

However, although our claim was accepted it was deemed to be no higher than the excess (we claimed as we believed it was the public drain outside our house at fault and to force the maire to fix it after 7 yrs of back and forth, in this we were sucessful, they fixed it within the week).

My question is, as it is now a catastrophe natural, is it worth informing the insurance company, does this change anything! for example, negate the excess?

Thanks for any knowledge shared.

Thanks Ben, my husband did eventually call the insurance company who told us that in the event of major damages to the house, it was important, however for our small claim it was irrelevant!

Hi Tracy

I work on the assumption that you have a "assurance multirisque d'habitation". If you have the basic "one item" insurance the declaration of the catastrophe naturelle won't make any difference.

If the damages are not entirely covered by your (French) insurance it's worth while informing the company. In the case of catastrophe naturelle you can claim any damage due to in this case the flooding. Some own risks exist (like 380 Euros for a house, motor vehicles and other stuff used privately only and 10%, with a minimum of 1140 euros, for the items for professional use).

However with the copy of the mare's letter You need to specify the damage by giving proof of the value of the damaged items i.e provide receipts, expertises, photos, notarial deeds etc. etc. The claim can be no higher than the maximum stated in your insurance contract. Normally you will be paid within 3 months of receipt of you're claim (send RAR of courses).