Category 2 dog importation

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Is it at all possible to temporarily import a category 2 dog(Rottweiler) for the purposes of meeting the criteria of keeping them? I keep seeing that it’s ok to import them, but it seems that you need to have the certifications beforehand and it also seems impossible to get them without bringing them, sort of like a catch-22.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

If it helps, I was planning on a 6-12 month work visa to begin with so I may accompany my s/o while she studies. Leaving the dog behind would really mess up our plans.

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Hello Tyler and welcome to the Forum…

Which websites have to you checked out already… ???

This link seems interesting…

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Thanks :smile:! I’ve been through the ringer with sites so far, from the actual French government website, to random blog posts and back to more official links (embassies) but they don’t often settle any questions. I’ll do a deep dive on the link you’ve provided, but it seems that it’s focusing on category 1 dogs when it’s stating that “certains chiens d’attaques est interdite ”. From what I’ve read on the French gov’t website, they will allow category 2 so this is another chunk of contradictory information, unless someone can clarify that site better than my shoddy French will allow

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From what I read… category 1 are forebidden… and for categorie 2… it gives specific instructions… as well as the instructions which cover all sorts…

here are the extra-specific…
En outre, si vous souhaitez ramener un chien de 2ème catégorie de race Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier ou Tosa, vous devrez impérativement produire une déclaration de naissance ou de pedigree délivrée par la société centrale canine du pays d’origine des chiens afin de prouver aux services des douanes l’inscription à un livre généalogique reconnu par la fédération cynologique internationale. Ce document généalogique n’est toutefois pas obligatoire pour les chiens de 2ème catégorie de race Rottweiler ou assimilés Rottweiler.

Des règles de circulation et de détention des chiens de 2ème catégorie s’appliquent toutefois.

A noter également, que sur le territoire national, les chiens de 2ème catégorie doivent être muselés et tenus en laisse sur la voie publique, dans les lieux publics et les transports en commun.

In addition, if you wish to bring back a 2nd class Staffordshire terrier dog, American Staffordshire terrier or Tosa, you must imperatively produce a birth or pedigree declaration issued by the Central Canine Company of the country of origin of the dogs in order to prove to the customs services the inscription to a genealogical book recognized by the international cynological federation.

This genealogical document is however not obligatory for dogs of 2nd category of Rottweiler breed or assimilated Rottweiler.

Rules of circulation and detention of 2nd category dogs apply however.

 For more information on this topic, consult also the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Also note that in the national territory, dogs of 2nd category must be muzzled and kept on a leash on public roads, in public places and public transport.

This is another link… about being in France with a Rottweiler…