Catering cost for a large party

Does anyone have an idea of how much restaurants charge per head for a midday reception for between 80 - 100 people ? Or how much a caterer would charge in comparison ?

Thanks !

Thanks Marie-Claire, having a look now - looks interesting !

I think you can get something decent starting for 25 euros per person although, it depends on where in France! It also depends on what people will be drinking…. I've heard good things about this "traiteur", if you want to have a look.

Thanks Barbara

I just wanted an idea in advance so I don't look too horrified when they give me the price !

It depends what standard of cuisine you are looking for.

The only way for you to get the answers is to pop along to a few restaurants

after the lunch is served and pose the question.

Caterers are unlikely to be cheaper as they have to bring their equipment and

everything................. and foods in chilled vans.

Tables, chairs and tents need to come too.

Much easier to go to the restaurant.