Cats and kittens in need of your help

Cuddle Update

on the many cats and kittens in need of permanent, loving homes currently being cared for by Chats du Quercy. All are vacinated and microchipped. If old enough, neutered too before leaving us.

Foxy, 1 year old, gorgeous grey and white female, loves humans not so sure about other cats!! ID 250268720019067

Peawea, 5 months old, absolutely adorable tabby and white boy, raised by our volunteers and so, so close to people he thinks he is one! ID 250268730001251

Lillie, 1 year old, very cuddly dark tabby female ID 250268720019038

Zara, one year old flecked tabby, gorgeous markings and mum to 2 month old -

Talla ID 250268710017751

Tickles ID 250268730000443

Tipsy ID 250268710017733

Zara ID 250268710017744

Kitty, 2 months old, super jolly, pale grey tortie 250268730004913

Elmo, 3 month old ginger tom, very laid back and purrs for France! ID 250268730004947

Chrissie, 2 month old black female, another great purrer, very very cute! ID 250268730004894

Many more available, have a look at our website or give us a call 05 63 94 73 97