Cats in Concert

Soirée superb – One for your diary !!!!
Samedi 5 May,8.30pm at the salle des fêtes of Miramont de Quercy.
The programme: 3 chorales and dance groups:

  • Groupe chantant de Miramont,

  • Chorale de Saint Nazaire et

  • "Quand tu chantes" de Moissac

  • « Miradance » de Miramont du Quercy (moderne),

  • Danse loisirs de Moissac (jazz et hip hop).

Entry: 5€ in aid of the Charity association "Chats du Quercy".

Thanks Chrissie, I'm sure we will, I'm looking forward to it!

Hope you have a splendid evening and raise lots of money.

I'd love to be there but it's just too far...

Oh me too, if I were closer (and/or drove) I would be there with bells on! I've marked my agenda anyway, so I'll be thinking of you all!

Thanks Jane,

it does look like an excellent program so hopefully yes we will!

Too far for me, but I hope you raise lot of money for Chats de Quercy