'Cause we know each other

At the baker's
- You're an English teacher aren't you?
- Yes I am...Why?
- Do you give lessons?
- Depends...Which year?
-First..How much do you take?
- The official rate is between 20 and 30...I'll do it for 20 if you want...
- 20? It's dear...Will you do it for a tenner?
- A tenner? Why?
-'Cause we know each other...
- OK..Right...How much is your loaf here?
- 1.10 Euros..
- Will you sell it for 55 cts?
- No...Why?
- ' Cause we know each other..


Happens quite often here in UK. Live on the Isle of Wight, we’re both Italian and my wife’s teacher @ local College. She’s been asked to teach even for a coffee from a friend of hers. Lady said “oh we can meet my place, have a coffee and chat in italian so you teach while having fun”… That lady is still there in her lounge with a cup of coffee waiting … Waiting for months…

Hahaha oh yes, all too familiar. Andrew you are SO right about the hassle as well.

Like to this one .

I get the same thing with sewing. I hate repairs I make my own designs and only repair for very nice people or very good clients. I have a friend who any does repairs for people with whom she shares family ties.

So true! With Andrew on this one.

mdr ! know what you're saying - I taught for several years for the CCI, an IUT and the rectorat but always turned down private work for that very reason. Not really worth the hassle at the end of the day either!