Cd dvd

This is going to sound dumb but I'm going to ask just in case there is a chance it will work. i recently bought a flight simulator for PC only to find when I got home that it requires a DVD install and my computer only has CD.

Now thinking back to my TRS80 days, I used to be able to connect my cassette player, set the volume right and upload the programme from the cassette.

Is there a similar possibility with a standard DVD player?

Thanks Brian - I'll go for that then.

I think our TRS80 went in one of the clearouts, but I obtained my GCSE Computer Science with it by creating an auction programme based on nested loops. Couldn't print the operational screenshots, so took pictures of the telly with a polaroid camera - and I still passed.

I think it was 16k - was most miffed when the next door neighbour got a commodore 64 with colour.

Well thanks guys and gals, I'll give that a crack tomorrow.

Sheila has gone through it, but in a similar quandry with my children's aged PC we use a laptop as drive D: and so far it has always worked.

You might have to tweak the .exe file to tell it to look on the C: drive, and not to go searching on D: drive, or however your drives are identified.

Possible to download software?

Good thinking Batman.

I've actually got the files on my lappy so should work.


Presumably you've got an external HD for backing up your computer. Could you find a friend with DVD on their computer and copy contents from that to your external HD?

I haven't got a DVD player here - but if it's possible then I'll go and get one from the local cash converters or whatever they are called here.

Well to answer your "dumb" question with a dumb answer, does your DVD player have a HDMI or USB slot? I can't try it out here without suffering physical injury by clambering behind TV table, but it might work.