CDD wreak havoc with the RSI?


I've been offered (I think, it might unravel at the last minute because they think I need paperwork that I don't need, but that's another story - a CDD.

A CDD, for those who don't know, is a fixed term contract.

The CDD will be for 25 hrs a week or less (something to do with their paying lower cotisations).

I'm already paying into the RSI (hence my Carte Vitale is under them), for my AutoEntrepreneur activity.

The CDD job won't affect my AE activity (different hours), so I'll be earning the same as usual on that (less than I'll earn from the CDD though.)

I've been asked for my Attestation Sécurité Sociale before I start work - which is, of course, on RSI headed notepaper.

I fully expect them to balk at that...

....but my main question is whether being employed on a CDD at 25 hrs per week or less will result in my being "moved" to the CPAM, or will I stay with the RSI and ALSO be put on CPAM?

I'm asking myself whether any of this is worth it as my family don't even really want me to take the job, so I might have to give it up after the trial period, which will probably be 1 month.

Any advice/thoughts gratefully rec'd.

Regards, Emily