Seems to be a big Internet Sales site- Anyone had any dealings with them, including any issues with shipping. I am looking for a couple of beds, lounge, coffee table, wall (TV,stereo) unit to be delivered to Trebes (near Carcassonne) but I am only there for one month in August so late delivery would be a real issue,

Prices look alright but I am very inexperienced with this stuff in France.

Appreciate any advice/suggestions


I've also ordered from them a lot and have never had any problems with them. Prices are good; quick delivery... Go for it!

Sorry Steve : Don't know anybody in Angola unfortunately. Zimbabwe, SA, etc. but not there. Cdiscount usually have a note next to the Item you order, letting you know that it IS in stock and how long +/- it will take for delivery. I have found they do abide by this. When we have wanted something in a hurry, we get it sent to our closest Géant Casino where you can pick it up. Cdiscount is part of the Casino group, as you may have gathered. You are going to be here for almost a month. I would be pretty sure it could be sent in this time as long as you place your order in good time.

You are not being nosy at all.

I Live in Angola but plan to be in France August 11- September 9 this trip

Appreciate any advice


Steve - where do you live in Africa? I am asking not from curiosity but because I have friends and relatives there and might be able to make a suggestion re delivery/collection.

Thank you all for your advice.

Dumb question - what are the delivery times like - I live in Africa and am only in Trebes for a month- if delivery times are long, I need to look at ordering sight unseen from here in the hope that stuff arrives while I am there in August


Lots and fine as long as everything works. Like so many companies here, SAV is pretty poor. But I'm having a painful argument with at the moment so I don't think Cdiscount are any worse. If you can find the same price on Amazon though, buy it from there....

I too have used Cdiscount many times. They are in fact an offshoot/subsidiary of Géant Casino. Their prices are good, and if you want your goods quickly and are close to a Géant Casino, you can pick up them up yourself. Yes, they keep you completely up to date on the situation and are very efficient.

Hi Steve. I’ve used the company at least 6 times and had no problems with delivery. You can, if stuck to specific times have your order delivered to certain large stores (names of delivery stores on website), or have delivered to your home. They are very good with keeping you informed of order status.