CdS income levels

anybody know why the income guidelines for carte de sejour applications are so much higher for over 65’s?

Possibly because the older one gets, the more health “problems/happenings” one is likely to have…


And perhaps because most older people will have, or expect to have within a finite time, a fixed income which may not keep up with inflation, interest-rate changes, or exchange-rate fluctuations.

Not having easy access to the Labour market and supplementary earnings makes our situation more precarious.

There has to be a safety-margin that takes account of there being no likelihood of an income-hike within a 15-25 year horizon in some cases.


That does seem slightly odd, though, given that most people of this age will not have outgoings on mortgages or rent - which are 30% or more of many younger people’s budgets.

The latest document that Cat posted on the Brexit thread does point out that individual circumstances will be considered, ie no rent

However I would imagine the difference could be down to the potential large care costs. At 20€+/hour for a simple care worker that can add up to rather a lot. We burnt through an enormous amount in the last years of my mother’s life since she wanted to stay in her own home.