CdS opening date delayed

Afternoon all

Here we go

The Embassy in Paris has just announced the opening of the web site has been delayed to mid October.

Strange, this now coincides with Bosnson Johnson’s deadline date for Brexit agreement.

Pawns in Mans eternal game ( apologies to Blazing Saddles )

Try and have a good day


Why start a new thread? It just adds to the confusion…
This is already covered here:


I guess @andyw didn’t see that one! Is it ok with you @andyw if I close this one to avoid confusion? Thanks!

Bloody hell Graham, no need to jump down my throat.

My apologies I missed the earlier post

Will try harder in the future


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Hi Cat

Please delete my post, don’t want to offend anybody


Apologies, no offence intended @andyw it’s an important subject and too many live references cause people to miss important points :wink:

Totally agree with you Graham, that’s why I posted the topic.

However, there are ways and means to let people know they have made a mistake.

Stay safe



Hi Andy

I will close this thread just for simplicity’s sake but no one was offended - honestly! And I’m sure it wasn’t meant to sound like that. Thanks for posting and please do keep posting. Have a lovely evening x

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