CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

What did, a bit of wind? :grinning:

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Serious Question
Ok, so now the cds has arrived and other than the obvious what can it be used for or instead of?

No more carrying around of your passport!! I’m always scared of loosing mine after I got both nicked once in Spain, cost a bloody fortune to replace all of ours! I’m guessing you can travel to other EU countries without your passport. although I don’t think this would apply for the UK as the law is if you are a citizen of a country you are legally obliged to enter and depart on that countries passport - so when I leave Oz, I do it on my Aussie passport, arrive in UK show my Uk one and vice versa!

I’m amazed, you guys must have just slipped in before the covid slow down, she told me not to expect min until Christmas or even next year as they are working with much less staff at the factory and it is taking up to 3 months instead of 1!


come off it John… you must know why you applied… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I legged it up to the Mairie… waving my CdS like a magic wand…

they’re all very pleased that the system is working… hurrah… :partying_face: :rofl: :hugs: :hugs:

I’m envious, haven’t heard a peep since we applied a month ago.

These I think were the ones who applied earlier Chris, when France first put application online. We’ve been told by Tory among others that they will be dealt with first.
Like you, we applied a month ago when the portal re-opened and haven’t heard. But I’m not expecting to for a while yet. We’re in Lot-et-Garonne -nuff said!

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What department are you in Chris?? Some are being swifter than others. I think all that have had theirs above are in the Dordogne where we are lucky as they have put on 5 staff just to deal with it efficiently.

No cause for panic for us here… We have our 10 year CdS UE and the WA version (which we applied for when the portal opened in October 20) isn’t required for ages yet. They’ll get round to us in good time.

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CMaritime, Tory but I think Sue has answered my question, it’s too early!

We also applied on the opening day, 2.5 weeks later had our email and 3 days after that our appointment. The Dordogne managed to get through the 1500 pending ones very quickly!

It will happen, don’t worry! As long as you’ve both had your original confirmation emails!


Monsieur Fier is my new title if you please ,today I recieved , from the prefecture , my citizenship .No big speeches no singing the national antham, no shaking hands and no kissing!
14 months start to finish , fairly quick from what I have read elsewhere.


Congratulations… very envious…

I had an official reply to my written enquiry.

A 2 page letter from the Ministre de l’Interieur explained that it would take at least 3 years for me to obtain French Nationality … :zipper_mouth_face:

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Oh that is a shame! Hubby had a lovely ceremony in Australia when he got his there with a framed certificate, wine, food and the mayor of the town and everything! It was with a group of about 20 others.

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But the CdS is not an identity card any more than a driving licence is surely? My existing CdS was never accepted as proof of identity, eg admittance to hospital they wanted my passport. So why should a WA one be any different?

As far as I can work out it’s only use will be after October 2021 as proof that you are legally entitled to be here for e.g. jobs, benefits etc.

That appears to be the average with places like Paris being quicker and Grenoble has a reputation for extreme slowness.

That’s good enough for me though Jane, I’m fed up with making sure I take my passport or driving licence with me every time we take the dog for the walk.

Its done regionally for PACA at the prefecture in Marseille.


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Thank you