CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

Mine’s been accepted pretty much everywhere as proof of ID.

Félicitations! :trumpet::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note::notes:


For anyone interested in the cost . Translation requirements will vary from person to person, I haven’t counted the time ,diesel or parking costs ,
I had six translations done at a cost of 226 €
The timbre fiscal was 55 €
A4 envelope plus self addressed stamped envelope, sent lettre recommande about 25€
Timbre fiscal for new passport 86€
Photos for passport ,carte d’identité and original dossier 10€
A total of 402 €

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That seems pretty cheap from where I’m standing! Mine cost substantially more as I had to source documents from 3 different countries, before getting them translated and certified. And with many A3 documents the photocopying was a few bob too. Let alone that they rejected one translation and sent back the whole dossier - so more like 100€ on postage as it weighed a kg! I’m just about a year into the process so I hope mine goes as quickly as yours now…

You may be right but my understanding is that it acts like an official French ID card, this is nothing to do with my understanding of getting the cards to start with but just personal understanding. Gutted if this isn’t the case!

Throughout France, I’ve not carried my passport except for medical stuff when I knew it would be asked for…

But, I always have my CV with me (just in case)… and, if I’m driving, my French DL…

My CdS is now safely tucked away. No need for it until next autumn… but so nice to know I’ve got it…

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My bottom line is whether you can cross a border with it. And you can’t, so it isn’t the same status as a CNI. You also can”t use it to get on the electoral list, sign on at a pole emploi, or other official acts (although might have to show it as well as your identity card).

Could you use it in a shop to verify paying by cheque? Probably not, but then who uses cheques anymore!

It will probably do fine as a day to day thing, but not for formal procedures. For day to day stuff, somewhere in the bottom of my backpack is a scrunched up copy of my birth certificate which apparently is acceptable. You don’t have to have your passport on you, just some official means of verifying identity.

Paying by cheque? Yep, still using them and my local Leclerc and Intermarché accept my CdS as ID.


That’s good! I’ve never tried but have stood behind usually elderly people being given a hard time because they didn’t have their CNI.

I have used my TdS on several occasions as ID and it has been accepted although I cannot remember specifically where.
Anyway, today I am going to apply for the WA renewal rather than leave it till the New Year. On paper nothing will change then but having less and less faith in the UK government by the day I shall proceed forthwith.

Well that was very straightforward. I applied for myself and my wife within about twenty minutes.
It may well have been discussed previously but I shall be interested to see whether we are summoned to the prefecture for fingerprints or whether the new cards will simply arrive in the post as the authorities already have our prints on file.

I think the purpose of the rdv is an ID check as well as fingerprints?

My OH already had a CdS from early this year, they have asked for it back and are sending his replacement without an rdv. Should be here in a week or two. I have just completed my online application and await my response :slight_smile:

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I am sure you are correct Jane though my wife said that some friends had reported having received theirs in the mail without having been ‘summoned’.
Maybe it varies from prefecture to prefecture or, more likely, there was a degree of confusion in the reports from the friends.

Or, in view of what Peter has stated above it varies from applicant to applicant.
We shall see.

Be great if it was automatic, as we have already had finger prints taken too. Saves us a round trip to préfecture!

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I do all the time as do eg the parents of my pupils when buying their lit books - they make the cheque out to the bookshop, I go and collect the books, hand my heap of cheques over and voilà. Much more efficient than saying “get this book” and leaving them to it, I’m afraid.

i use quite a lot as well but as Véro mentioned a lot of the time it is for school / sport things.

Ahhhh OK, I actually had it in my head that you could use it the same as a CNI. I’ll still be replacing my passport with it!

There’s quite a group of us who use cheques to pay the Baker and the Mobile Shop.

Both enterprises come once a week… mostly with orders which have been phoned through in advance… but we can buy whatever takes our fancy on the day itself, as well…

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