CdSejour On-line Portal, Info & Flow Chart 19 October '20 onwards

But do you ask to see ID from every parent? I use them for same sorts of things - cheques for associations and so on - where it is a personal transaction so no need for ID. But not for shopping any more. Even the baker prefers a contactless card even if only 1.10€.

No of course not, we collect hundreds of cheques through the year for the Parents Association - it is not needed. If people allow their cheques to bounce here they can get in a lot of trouble so it is considered pretty safe!

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Félicitations ! and yes, that was very quick compared to most :open_mouth: almost 3 years for me but done and dusted :smiley:

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I use mine for paying any out of pocket medical expenses - that way the money is back in your account before it has been debited. Not a big deal when you see the GP but when you get a 383e bill for your teeth…

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it tends to bite… :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are still waiting for signs of life from the Prefecture in the Puy-de-Dôme…we applied via the old “No Deal” portal last year - other than the receipts, we have nothing else to show for our endeavours, and the Prefecture is hopelessly silent.

We have our appointment at the Prefecture next Tuesday and have been asked to arrive together! Very efficient!


I used to refer you as Rory not sure why…no offence ment.

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All done and dusted in a few minutes. My fingerprints didn’t even set off any alarms…


Todays ‘news’ from Perigueux

You’re all going to like this.

I’ve just had an email from a holiday home client to say he has successfully applied for a CdS and has a rdv with the Prefecture on Tuesday to give his fingerprints etc.

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Made my day (not!). This kind of behaviour could turn me into a grass… but what happens next year when they have to do a tax return?

getting an RDV is one thing but don’t you still have to prove residency? How can your holiday home client achieve that if he doesn’t live here?

Don’t know how he’s managed it, huge risk on his part going forward but that’s up to him.

If people have just arrived they can stay in whatever accommodation they like and will be able to get a 5 year CDS. I imagine if they don’t do all the right things and aren’t really living here over the next 5 years that they won’t be seeing a new CDS!

If you look at the application itself you’ll see just how easy it is, this client bought our old house as a holiday home in 2011 so if he has kept his house insurance certificate from then that is all the proof required along with a current utility bill, assuming of course both show his French address.

I thought the text says that newly arrived will be given a 1-5 year CdS? As in some people might only get one for a year?

Although I guess in this 2nd home case they will swear they’ve been here since 2011 so get a 10 year CdS as you have to provide no more than house purchase and current utility bill? Although surely to god someone will look at their tax record? Be fascinated to know how this develops Tim.

I believe that they were going to give those applying as a ‘job seeker’ a shorter one but we’ve not had confirmation of that as last we heard they were only giving 5 and 10 year ones.

You would think so wouldn’t you! The recommendation is to everyone who says they have been here for x number of years (particularly the over 5 lot who of course then get permanent residency) to see an accountant and regularise thier situation re tax if they haven’t already done so.

If the people concerned were only able to make their move to France this year, perhaps because personal circumstances precluded doing it sooner, they have the same rights as everyone else.
Anyone who deliberately breaks tax or immigration rules should have the book thrown at them, but some UK citizens with second homes here may have recently made the decision to make them their primary residences, and hence become French residents. I imagine that all of us, and the French government - especially its Treasury - would support that decision.

From a reader sensitive to this scenario (see my join date…), and with no French tax returns to his name to date. :wink: