Censorship on the forum?

well James - you have the "power" to pull the plug on discussions. But what a shame to use it like you just have.

Like a TV interviewer who does not like the way the interview is going.

You should let the topic continue and allow users to withdraw or stay - as they choose.

But then perhaps I am not fully understanding of the raison d'etre of SFN.



O deary me...I missed the Jungle discussion?

That's too bad..

People do get frightened/angry/upset about those discussions...that's why it's all the more A1 essential...to talk more, rather than less. The sound of silence...solves nothing...

An arts forum I got thrown out of, thinking on....had a wonderful system, of several different debate styles/levels...eg The Cafe...was for light-hearted chat...games and so on..but anyone wanting to hammer out painful issues, did so with a different, longer term membership group...it had different moderators and rules...

I remember now..'wet canvas'...arts group.

You are a brave man even typing Trumps name on this site.
I find your post interesting, I.e an educated man thinking trump is ok, as his support seems to have divided along socio-economic lines.
It is a quandary though because anti-Hillary lobby is also, vehement especially for me.
What do you Amrican rellies think of Kasich.

And for the devoted fans of no politics the discussion about Brexit was very important for expats wondering how to plan for the next fives years. I was helped a lot. Similarly American elections affect the world and we are all citizens of that - right???

…and of course DiScussions go so quickly off topic don’t they?

A red herring moderator perhaps to distract us from the point at issue as soon as we start getting critical - no matter what the topic!

Good post Geoff - I agree with yours and Diana’s comments! I’ve had at least 2 discussions I made myself not put up - even though I did edit, return, and press add to discussions!

But then I was criticising some expats I’d relied on in one and draŵing a link between expats who work for or in some French organisations. Neither discussion was published here!

Coming soo- my American daughter in law seems to be at odds with her father (I love both) on the subject of Mr Trump. I have had it explained to me by the FIL that while is can easily be described as an intellectual (he does nuclear stuff) he presently feels that Trump is the right man. I am very far from being there but do describe myself as a conservative. I am sad that the choice appears to be rather limited.

Coming home tomorrow. Did I mention my wife?

Do you mean "like I'm so old I knew Doris day before she was a virgin" ? Milton Berle/ Groucho take your pick.

Oh Jane Fonda. God luv’er.
Did you know she had birth control pills before they were invented.

Great dinner party tale David. Let’s hasten a table.
Will definitely love Hobson Jobson. Thanks guys!
and Brian, thanks for the Hillary news. She proves to me that I can be equally addicted to those I despise as to those I admire.

Do we dare to have an American Election discussion?
You go first.!!!

Such fun.
I hope you r wife can be home soon.
Yet it’s a shame we’ll have less of your “charm”

I "downloaded" Hobson Jobson to my Kobo e-reader some years ago and it really is facinating stuff. Don't know if it's available on proper paper, though.

I visited India a couple of times in the 80s and luckily got into several places that were normally off limits. Some fascinating language relics with Indian twists. "Eve teasing" is the practice of pinching girls in public transport. "Bride burning" was literally that. A young bride after marriage moves in with her in laws. After a few months if she turns out not too satisfactory (dowry received), the Ma in Law simply covers her in cooking oil and sets fire to her. Suttee was still occasionally practiced. I was lucky enough to have a guided tour of Delhi by a veteran Brit who took us completely off piste (sorry I forgot his name and he's long since floated down the Ganga).

I just read an interesting entry on Wikipedia about Hobson Jobson, thanks for the tip.

I think perhaps not as weird as Hillary who has said she would declassify government documents related to UFOs. Nanu, nanu!

I think Joan that while those cunning Russkis were present as pilots of Migs in the Korean War they had the good sense to leave it to the Chinese in Vietnam except for supplying anti-aircraft missiles. Though I doubt they even did this for fear the Heathen Chinee might pinch the technology.You had to be a very unlucky US pilot to be shot down over Vietnam I think not so in Korea where the MIGS were infinitely superior to what the North American Aviation Company Sabre and Super Sabre could offer. Vietnam was an entirely Chinese affair except of course for Jane Fonda.

It's pyjamas here Joan. Old Hindi word I believe. Thank god for the Empire. By the way there is a wonderful dictionary called Hobson Jobson full of words current in the Raj. I think you might enjoy it.

Oh luvvy I can pile it on an inch thick. I can build Pelion on Ossa. Just waiting for the love of my life to exit the brilliant French Health Service. Peut- être samedi j'espère. By the way who are these girls I'm annoying. (takes long drag on amber cigarette holder). Only joking. You see I'm just a little bitty pussy cat. Yeugh pass the sick bag Alice.

Gosh, what is it you would like to say- given the chance

Very weird. I am always in my pajamas when on this site