Censorship or sensible?

Ah social media

Did not see the discussion and suspect don't want to! but suspect I understand why pulled.

So, Why in these days of Politically correctness do people feel it is acceptable to use a computer to insult or abuse someone with a differing opinion.

Ask your self this question,

If you did not know me and we met me in the street and for what ever reason we started a discussion, given that I, that's me, could be described as a 6 foot 3 toilet block, would you feel the need do the same to my face or would you review the facts that I could most likely break a few bones ( I don't because that's my nature, often know as big softie) but I would hope the answer be NO, that is because in real life I would hope you behave with the respect that people generally deserve, appreciate that some generate physical reactions!

That is why as an individual I don't do 'social' media, I am a member of SFN because I get useful bits of information, if it were to migrate into a full social media site, then the saying would be goodbye.

So in summary if want to insult people, go find a 6foot 3 toilet block and then engage brain!,

SFN, thank you for doing the right thing.


The Hippie dream died a long time ago, mostly in recrimination. A bit like what’s happening to this discussion.
In answer to the Censorship question, SFN did the only thing it could do, given the circumstances.

That is twice you have left in the last two replies Kent :-D

My original reply was simply saying "hippies eh? They sound very silly" as a comment on the quote you made and that in my very humble opinion you'd need to be stoned to discuss it without bursting out laughing.

I was not and am not having a pop at you or hippies. Now calm down and pass that joint.

So, I’m unclear on this; if you’re OK with both love and hippies, just what, exactly, was it that you were mocking in that original quote? Because it certainly seemed that you felt the need to mock. And, if I may point out, you’re still doing it: that quote stood by itself so pouring scorn upon Richard Alpert, or the pros and cons of LSD (an enormous subject in itself), or presuming that I don’t know what “polarity” means, or attempting to counter it with cynical quotes about TV sets and peace is irrelevant and pointless.

I threw that quote into the mix to simply say that one can be at opposite sides of a discussion but try to remain polite and kind and refrain from belittling the other person for the sake of being argumentative, driven only by contrariness, but rather to discuss rationally and with respect.

Having said that, I don’t know you, you don’t know me but I don’t like where you’re going with this as it seems that you’re just being argumentative for the hell of it - which is what this thread was protesting about and, as I said earlier; since the quote stands by itself, I don’t really feel the need to defend it or any of the above - so I’ll just wish you all the best and leave you to it.

I am entitled to my opinion and I never said Love was either Naff or Feeble. Love is good.

(The theory of) The laws of polarity from a scientific point of view are one thing but the laws of polarity from a point of dropping LSD and then writing books about it... Well I'm not so keen on that one.

Hippies are lovely people and Ram Dass has spent a lifetime teaching them to talk gibberish at parties.

Another hippie once said "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace." I understood him totally

Well Said Diana :-)

As I don’t feel the need to defend either hippies or love, I’ll just leave you to it, Carl. And if you think that love is naff, feeble or whatever, you are, of course, entitled to your opinion but it’s not a polarity that I’m going to contribute the other pole to.

"If you're in polarity you're creating polar opposites. You can only protest effectively when you love the person whose ideas you are protesting against as much as you love yourself."

Well err... all of that to be honest :)

I was only talking about the thing you were talking about Sir

What makes you say that, Carl? As I said, I wasn’t a hippie but I have sympathies with what they were into: things like love, peace, truth, beauty, joy, sharing the Earth and being fair and kind to each other. Now I’ll grant that, as individuals, some of them didn’t always get it right (who does?) but I wouldn’t call their aims “silly” - that would just be dismissive without due consideration.

You had to be there, Carl. I'd tell you all about London in the 60s, but I can't remember it very well.

Hippies eh? They sound very silly.

To take a page out of the "Hippie's bible": the "Be Here Now":

"If you're in polarity you're creating polar opposites. You can only protest effectively when you love the person whose ideas you are protesting against as much as you love yourself."

Well, "love" might be pushing it a bit but the principle is sound: if you get the other person's back up, you're just not going to get through.

And no, I never was a hippie - but I have sympathies.

I'm married to a 6ft 4 toilet block, a bearded one to boot, so you won't get insulted by me, Graham! I value the opinions of others, based as they are on experiences different from my own, but I expect them to respect my right to disagree with them. It is when people who are clearly highly intelligent and well educated resort to name-calling and insults when I don't share their views that I get cross, as I have never felt the need to insult anyone I disagree with. As I've said before, reading the posting again before pressing "Add Reply" is not a waste of time.

Since Catharine and James intervened the other day, the atmosphere within SFN has improved markedly, for which we are, I'm sure, most grateful. Now, if we can only discuss Brexit or migration with open minds and with mutual respect, we might all benefit.

Being only a "Toilet brush" and riding a Yamaha DTR125 I agree with all the sentiments above. BTW E-mail at work is almost as bad as social media. People will be really agressive until you pick up the phone and decide to talk to them.

Graham and Richard ,

Being only a "toilet door" who rides a Honda 750 I would agree with both your comments . SFN is a great site for help and information and does not need these bullying cowards , who hide behind computers , to denigrate it . I did not see the discussion, nor want to , but I know Catharine and James and neither could be described as either narrow minded nor politically correct ( thank goodness!!).

If they pulled it ,then that is good enough for me !!

On a lighter note :-

BTW Richard what is " violet behaviour "? - is it shades of things to come ?

Graham, well stated!! I am an admin on a FB group, and it got so downright ugly (PM's directly to me btw), that I was literally within a couple of hours of shutting down the group! Instead, I used the covert method and simply removed the offenders and blocked them from ever re-joining.

I, too, can be described as a 6'3" toilet block, ride a Harley, and can guarantee that these cowards (yes, that's how I describe them) would not say to me directly what they say from behind a computer. It's kinda like the school yard bully who gets beaten up themselves! Not that I'm condoning violet behaviour EVER!!

The number of times I have suggested that the offender takes their angry attitude back to the UK is countless. It's one of the primary reasons we left the UK to have a peaceful life in the French countryside!!!

Cheers! Hang in there.... This too shall pass!

Well said Graham ....wise words to perhaps calm the savage ex-pat ...lol

I'm still looking for the jungle discussion... You found it...is there a link?

Maturity definition.....The ability to hear and reply to..the opinions of others, who hold completely

opposite views to ones own. With patience and compassion.

Losing one's rag, especially in *personal* (ad hominem) abuse..is thus ..a no no..

Graham, Brill.

I try not to say anything that I would not and have said to people at dinner parties. Some people must go to some very tame dinner parties by the way. Let us not start veering into the growing situation in some universities, both US and UK, where everything must be safe and "safe" spaces must be provided complete with "support" and cuddly toys. This is not political correctness it is babying for the Volvoed generation.