Census 2018

The Census will be with us February. This link gives lots of info for those who have not already been through this…

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For us, the last couple of census have been conducted/supervised by a local English speaking operative making the whole process much more transparent. Much better than the English equivalent which asks all sorts of impertinent and seemingly intrusive questions from what I remember.

Not all communes take part every time which to me kind of defeats the object of the exercise.

They all get their turn… over the years…

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IMO if the government is going to the expense of taking a census then EVERY commune should take part at the same time. We’ve only been visited once in 15 years of having a house here and it’s not our commune’s turn again until 2020.

Tim… this is not the same as in UK… where… once every ten years… a moment in time/snapshot is taken… (well, you know what I mean).

Here it is a completely different thing…

It’s just my opinion Stella.

Of course… Tim… it can/does seem odd on the face of it… results come out each year… yet communes vary, and are only included every few years…

but INSEE is very involved and this is how they work.

We had one a couple of years ago. A young man came for a five minute chat and asked a few predictable and easy to answer questions.
I met a different young man carrying out census work in an adjoining commune last week while I was out for a walk. He was in a tiny hamlet with three houses but was concerned because his list said there were four. I pointed out the nearest houses but he could account for all of those so the mystery of the missing address was never solved.

We’ve taken part only once in 8 years in our current home. I’m with Tim on this one. Not sure what the point is if they don’t count every commune.

We need to understand what they are looking for and what they make out of all their information…

I admit to not knowing what they are all about… but am willing to take on the task of finding out (in my spare time :wink: )

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Great! Looking forward to reading your findings.

Well… mmmm… this is an annual Census done by l’INSEE. .but not the whole country targeted at once…

Every area is visited annually… but each Commune will only be visited once in the 5 years…

Looks of horror when I told them about the UK 10 year one… a picture-in-time of the whole country… :rofl:

L’INSEE couldn’t do that, Stella… France is too big… :heart_eyes:

Morning All

We were censured (?) yesterday.

A very nice young lady came to the house and gave us the login details so that we could fill in the form on-line. It took about 10 mins. Pretty simple questions about us and the house.

After a UK census it was a bit of an anti climax ! Was not able to claim I was a Jedi.


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I know we’ve done one census while we’ve lived here but reading these posts it sounds like it’s not every commune/town every time there’s a census. Is that right? And if so how do you know when or if you will have to do one? I’ve seen no notices anywhere round us.

You will be informed in your communal newsletter, at least that’s what happens in our commune.

The first link is L’INSEE’s own page…Tap in the name of your commune in the box: “nom de la commune” on the right hand side of this link… then tap… Rechercher…


and this other link gives more interesting info.

Our Mairie posts a notice, forewarning folk…and we mention it as and when we meet folk… sadly our Bulletin comes out after the Census… and no-one (it seems) keeps the Bulletin from the previous year…:zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for all the answers. Just checked-not for another 4 years for our commune. I wish we got a commune newsletter. Our commune is small and our hamlet has only 12 inhabitants so often we don’t even get notices on our notice board.

We were “done” last year - rather lucky to find us in. Once “second home” box ticked very little further info needed.