Centre de formation agréé

That is an excellent suggestion Karen, hadn’t got to the ‘how am I going to find the medical people who would be interested in my skills’ point yet! Still need to sit down this week and keep reading just so I understand all the ins and outs of doing this and then get sorted with URSAFF! Then I can start working on that side of things!

@Tory: all the best, je te souhaite tout plein de bonnes choses.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances I’m going to have to leave you for a while, à + espérons.

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Bon courage Fred, j’espère que ce n’est rien de trop grave, à+

Merci Fred.

I hope everything is OK as well. I’ve enjoyed your informative posts on a wide range of subjects in recent months.

Hope all is well too. We really appreciate your informative posts…

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