Centres des formations - for English teaching

After a very enlightening and motivating conversation with Cat a couple of weeks ago I’m now focussing my energies on finding work as a ‘formatrice’ instead of the school teaching route (as you may have read from my other posts!).

Very excitingly I already have my first ‘mission’ through from a company Cat put me on to, which is very exciting, but not until the end of the month and only one student so far!

I’ve also had a positive answer from Adiscos however I find their website appalling, I can’t work out what they need me to do next - or if I’m waiting for them to contact me. It is terribly confusing! So has anyone ever used them? If so can you spread some light on how they work? They have a fab booklet about everything I need to do once I have worked for them but nothing about now!

Other question is are there any that you have worked for that you would recommend?

Thanks for any advice going down this different path than I thought I was headed!

Can’t help you in your quest, Tory, but would like to know if you needed special (re)training in France for your role.

My son has made a career of teaching IT and has never worked in England. Instead he has worked in many foreign countries, Egypt, Bahrein, Kazakhstan, Spain and now, for the last 3 years or so, Thailand. But he and the family love France and indeed bought a house in the Correze (which has long been left unoccupied) but said the hoops he has to jump through to actually work here are too onerous to contemplate.

Just wondering, and I hope you get it sorted soon. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

From all the research I’ve done so far - no! If I find out more I’ll let you know. It is a huge industry here and I’m sure with his experience he can find work. Does he speak French though?

Thanks but I was asking out of interest due to what he said once when I asked the question, I don’t think he is seriously contemplating working in France and, in any case, he specialises in International Schools, all the teaching is done in English. Just as well, I think he would be hard put to add Arabic, Kazakh, Thai and Spanish to his CV. :slightly_smiling_face:

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